Moss (surname)

Moss (surname)

Moss as a surname may refer to:

Family name





  • Howard Moss, Anglo-Irish singer songwriter & guitarist
  • Ian Moss, Australian musician
  • Jerry Moss, A&M Records founder
  • Jon Moss, British drummer with Culture Club
  • Paul Moss, New Zealand record company executive
  • Shad Gregory Moss, American rapper
  • David Moss, American composer, percussionist and singer


  • Allan A. Moss, American mayor
  • Annie Lee Moss, middle-aged African American woman who was accused of being a Communist infiltrator in the Pentagon
  • Frank Moss (1911–2003), Democrat United States Senator from Utah
  • Malcolm Moss (born 1943), British Conservative Party Member of Parliament
  • Ralph W. Moss (U.S. Representative) (1862-1919)
  • Reginald Moss (born 1913), British Labour Party Member of Parliament 1955–1959


Television and film



  • Carrie-Anne Moss, Canadian model and actress
  • Cynthia Moss, wildlife researcher and author
  • Frank Moss (lawyer), criminal lawyer and Assistant District Attorney for New York City in the early 20th Century.
  • Frank Moss (technologist), American computer scientist
  • Gérard Moss, Brazilian aviator and environmentalist
  • John C. Moss (1836–1892), invented the first practicable photo-engraving process in 1863
  • Kate Moss (born 1974), British supermodel
  • Llewelyn Moss, protagonist in the novel and film, No Country for Old Men.
  • Lydia Moss, American philanthropist
  • Mary Moss (1791–1875), mother of William Booth
  • Murray Moss, American design expert
  • Neil Moss (caver), English caver
  • P. Buckley Moss, American artist
  • Preacher Moss, American comedian
  • Ralph W. Moss (writer)
  • Tamara Moss, Indian model
  • William Roger "Bill" Moss, American activist

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