Miss Utah USA

Miss Utah USA

Heather Anderson, Miss Utah USA 2007

The Miss Utah USA competition is the pageant who selects the representative for the state of Utah in the Miss USA pageant.

Utah has been quite successful at Miss USA, with 20 placements as of 2009. Their most consistent period was in the 1950s and 1960s. Utah has produced one Miss USA in 1960 (Linda Bement, who went on to win the Miss Universe 1960 title). Miss Utah USA 1957, Charlotte Sheffield, also won the Miss USA 1957 crown after the original titleholder (Leona Gage of Maryland) was dethroned. Utah has a strong recent record, having placed in four out of five pageants between 2005 and 2009.

Britt Boyse, the Executive Director of Casting Crowns Productions, is currently the director for Miss Utah USA and Miss Utah Teen USA along with Miss Arizona USA and Miss Arizona Teen USA.

Three Miss Utah USAs are former Miss Utah Teen USAs who competed at Miss Teen USA. All three placed at Miss USA, which eclipsed their Teen performances. They are also very similar to the Miss North Carolina USA titleholders who also placed at Miss USA rather than Miss Teen USA.


Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2011 Jamie Crandall Salt Lake City 23 Top 16
2010 Katya Feinstein Centerville 19 Previously Miss Utah Teen USA 2008
2009 Laura Chukanov Salt Lake City 22 3rd runner-up
2008 Julia Bachison North Ogden 24 Top 15 Previously Miss Utah 2005
2007 Heather Anderson Sandy 26 Top 10 top 10 in Miss Utah MAO 2001
2006 Soben Huon Provo 23
2005 Marin Poole Provo 21 Top 15 Previously Miss Utah Teen USA 2002
2004 Kyla Faye Dickerson Midvale 23
2003 Kelly Chapman South Jordan 24
2002 Abbie Jane Smith West Jordan 19
2001 Tiffany Seaman Salt Lake City 21
2000 Keri Hatfield Bountiful 22
1999 Rachel Rasmussen
1998 Melissa Leigh Anderson Provo 24 Top 5 Previously Miss Utah Teen USA 1990, Won Miss Teenage California 1986
1997 Temple Taggart Centerville 21 Top 6
1996 Tracy Kennick Price 24 Top 10 Previously Miss Utah Teen USA 1989
1995 Melanie Mitton
1994 Vanessa Munns Provo
1993 Natalie Pyper Salt Lake City
1992 Nichelle Mickelson West Valley City
1991 Patti Jo Bender Sandy
1990 Debra Linn Tingey Centerville
1989 Zanetta van Zyverden South Jordan
1988 Suzie Lundell Park City
1987 Patty Thorpe Clawson
1986 Stephanie Reber Salt Lake City
1985 Kim Thompson Salt Lake City
1984 Michele Lynn Brown Roy
1983 Launa Lewis Heber City 18 13th
1982 Susan L. Gasser Salt Lake City 2nd runner-up
1981 Tonya Anderson Orem
1980 Tamara Parsons Salt Lake City
1979 Victoria Scott Salt Lake City
1978 Margo Flynn Semi-finalist
1977 Michele Miner Provo
1976 Debbie Drecksel Salt Lake City, Voted Best Evening Gown by Richard Blackwell; Most Beautiful Eyes and Best Legs!
1975 Andrea Felt Logan
1974 Halene Petersen
1973 Julia Nebeker
1972 Peggy Moore Miss Congeniality
1971 Janey Montgomery
1970 Tamina Roark
1969 Anne Meuller
1968 Shelle Cannon
1967 Marilyn Christiansen
1966 Denice Blair Semi-finalist Miss World USA 1966, 6th runner up at Miss World 1966
1965 Janis Sadler Semi-finalist represented Utah in Miss World USA 1965, did not place
1964 Janet Joy Erikson 3rd runner-up
1963 Carla Ann Dinius
1962 Patricia Profaizer Semi-finalist
1961 Janet Marie Hawley Semi-finalist
1960 Linda Bement Winner Miss Universe 1960
1959 Melanie Canfield
1958 Sandra Puch Semi-finalist
1957 Charlotte Sheffield 1st runner up Later Miss USA 1957 after Leona Gage was disqualified. Miss World United States 1957, competed at Miss World 1957
1956 Cheryl Brown Semi-finalist
1955 Myrna J. Rasmussen
1954 Laverna Laub
1953 Shauna Wood 4th runner-up
1952 Carol Jean Isbell

1 Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant

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