Westrveg. The second of three albums by the Norwegian synth-duo Langsomt Mot Nord.

Label: CBS

Record No: CBS 461165 2

Release year: 1988

Musicians: Ola Snortheim; drums, sequencing. Morgan Lindstrøm; keyboards, programming.

Guest musicians: Olav Snortheim; clarion. Knut Buen; traditional violin. Brynjar Hoff; oboe. Steinar Ofsdal; flute. Carl Anders Sponberg; violin. Atle Sponberg; violin. Eva Knardal; grand piano. Jon Eberson; guitars.

Recording locations: Rainbow Studios, Oslo. Silence Studio, Koppom.

Technicans: Øystein Boassen, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Anders Lind.

Producers: Snortheim/Lindstrøm.


#Westrveg (Snortheim/Lindström)
#Gufsi Fraa Fjellom (Snortheim/Trad. Arr: Snortheim/Lindström)
#Tirilith (Snortheim/Lindström)
#Gjetarlåter Fra Valdres Og Gudbrandsdal (Trad. Arr: Snortheim/Lindström)
#Euryanthe (Lindström/Snortheim)
#Sibilja (Snortheim/Lindström)
#Seljespretten (Trad. Arr: Snortheim/Lindström)
#Fäbodpsalm (Trad. Arr: Snortheim/Lindström)
#Naglet Til Et Kors Paa Jorden (Trad. Arr: Snortheim/Lindström)
#Faërie (Snortheim)
#Heksesabbat (Snortheim)
#Nordafjølls (Trad. Arr: Snortheim/Lindström)
#Gjallarhorne (Snortheim)

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