Governors of Queensland

Governors of Queensland

Infobox vice-regal
state = Queensland
shield = Shield-Queensland.png incumbent = Penelope Wensley

his/her = Her
appointed_by = Elizabeth II
first_governor = Sir George Bowen
date = 10 December 1859

The Governor of Queensland is the representative in the state of Queensland of Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. The Governor performs the same constitutional and ceremonial functions at the state level as does the Governor-General of Australia at the national level.

In accordance with the conventions of the Westminster system of parliamentary government, the Governor nearly always acts solely on the advice of the head of the elected government, the Premier of Queensland. Nevertheless, the Governor retains the reserve powers of the Crown, and has the right to dismiss the Premier.

See Governors of the Australian states for a description and history of the office of Governor.

The Governor of Queensland has resided at Government House, Brisbane since 1910. Government House consists of a mansion known as Fernberg set in 14 hectares of gardens and bushland in the Brisbane suburb of Bardon.

The current Governor, Penelope Wensley was sworn in on 29 July 2008.

List of Governors of Queensland [. [ The Official Website of the Governor of Queensland] , Accessed 18 August 2008]

Living former governors

Three former governors of Queensland are alive, the oldest being Leneen Forde (1992–97, born 1935).

The most recent death of a former governor was that of Sir Walter Campbell (1985–92), on 4 September 2004.


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