List of people who died in road accidents

List of people who died in road accidents

This is a list of notable people who have been killed in road accidents. This list does not include those who were killed competing on closed road events whether in motorsport or in competitive cycling events



*Pål Arne Fagernes (1974–2003),Norwegian athlete
*Falco (musician) (1957–1998), Austrian musician
*John "Bo" Farrington (1936–1964), American football player [ [ Football Historian - Football History, facts, stats, players, history: 1965 Chicago Bears, Vaulting up in the standings] ] []
*Dodi Al-Fayed (1957–1997), Egyptian film producer
*Giuseppe Farina (1906–1966), Italian racing driver
*Richard Fariña (1937–1966), American musician and writer
* Rommel Fernandez, Panamanian footballer
*Torsten Fenslau (1964–1993), German music producer, DJ, and member of Culture Beat
* Aaron Flahavan (1975–2001), English footballer
*Stan Fox (1952–2000), American racing driver
*Dennis Fuller (1959–1995), singer and one half of London Boys.


*Gary Gabelich (1940–1984), American former land speed record holder
*Willie Galimore (1935–1964), American football player
*Victor Galindez (1948–1980), Argentinian boxer
*Niccolò Galli (1983–2001), Italian footballer
*Julio Gallo (1910–1993), winemaker.
*Bob Gassoff (1953–1977), Canadian ice hockey player
*Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926), Spanish architect
*Bill George (1929–1982), American football Hall of Famer
*Ghazi of Iraq (1912–1939), King of Iraq 1933–1939
*Anthony Gheza (19??–1999), French racing driver, passenger of Stephane Sallaz [ Motorsport People ] ] [ Motorsport Memorial ] ]
*Princess Grace of Monaco (1929–1982), American actress/Monegasque Royalty
*David Griggs (1967–1995), American football player
*Nicolas Grunitzky (1913–1969), exiled President of Togo
*Arthur Guyton (1919–2003), Physiologist


*Mike Hailwood (1940–1981), British motorcycle racer
*Veikko Hakulinen (1925–2003), Finnish skier
*David Halberstam, (1934–2007), American Pulitzer prize winning journalist
*Josh Hancock (1978–2007), baseball player
*Mary Hansen (1966–2002), Australian-born vocalist with Stereolab
*Ron Hansen, (1960–1993), American jockey, [ [ Hansen's Remains Identified - New York Times ] ]
*Sajjadul Hasan (1978–2007), Bangladeshi cricketer
*Mike Hawthorn (1929–1959), British racing driver
*Michael Hedges (1953–1997), American musician
*Conrad Hendricks (1979–2006), South African footballer
*Bob Herbert (1942–1999), British music manager, car [ [ BBC News | UK | Spice Girls creator killed in crash ] ]
*Ivan Hlinka (1950–2004), Czech Ice hockey player
*Marty Hogan (1869–1923), baseball player
*Patrick Hogan (1891–1936), Irish politician
*Ben Hollioake (1977–2002), English cricketer
*Johnny Horton (1925–1960), American musician
*Tim Horton (1930–1974), Canadian Ice hockey player
* Dean Horrix, (1961–1990), English footballer
* Peter Houseman, (1945–1977), English footballer
*Hsu Wei Lun (1978–2007), Taiwanese actress, car (passenger)
*John Hugenholtz (1914–1995), race circuit designer



*Silvester Sabolčki (1979–2003), Croatian footballer [ [ News - May 2003 ] ]
*Stephane Sallaz (1975–1999), French racing driver
*Salvador Sanchez (1959–1982), Mexican boxer, World Featherweight Champion, 1980-82
*Richard Sanders (1945–1972), American amateur wrestler
*Jessica Savitch (1947–1983), American journalist
*Josef Schnitzer (1939–1978), German racing driver and founder of Schnitzer Motorsport [ [ Top 100 ] ] .
*Gaetano Scirea (1953–1989), Italian footballer
*Malik Sealy (1970–2000), American basketball player
*W. G. Sebald (1944–2001), German writer and academic
*Mihail Sebastian (1907–1945), Jewish Romanian writer
*Donald Sellers (1974–2001), American football player
*Mike Sharperson (1961–1996), Baseball player
*Alexis Gewertz Shepard (1969–1998), folk singer-songwriter
*Alexander Fu Sheng (1954–1983), Hong Kong martial arts actor
*Gene Shoemaker (1928–1997), American astronomer
*Karen Silkwood (1946–1974), American labor activist
*Wayne Simmons (1969–2002), American football player
*Bessie Smith (1894–1937), American blues singer
*Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien (1858–1930), British soldier
*Dan Snyder (1978–2003), Canadian ice hockey player
*François Sterchele (1982–2008), Belgian soccer player
*Lynn Strait (1968–1998), American vocalist with Snot
*Italo Svevo (1861–1928), Italian writer


* Tomoyuki Taniguchi (1961-1990), Japanese athlete
* Otilino Tenorio (1980-2005), Ecuadorian footballer
*Derrick Thomas (1967–2000), American football player
*Thuy Trang (1973–2001), American actress
*Stacey Toran (1961–1989), American football player
*Judy Tyler (1933–1957), American actress
*Nicola Trussardi (1942–1999), Italian Fashion Designer



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