Pass, PASS, or The Pass may refer to:

Admission and permission

  • Pass, a voucher which allows admission: see Ticket (admission)
  • Backstage pass, allows admission to backstage areas of a performance venue
  • Press pass, grants special privilege or access to journalists
  • Pass (United States military), permission for military personnel to be away from their unit
  • Pass laws, apartheid laws in South Africa which limited movement for some people
  • Passing (racial identity), choosing to identify with a racial heritage group other than that assigned by social prejudice
  • Hall pass, a token allowing a pupil to leave the classroom during school
  • Season Pass, a ticket allowing admission to an amusement park during a certain period


  • PASS Sample Size Software, a computer program for estimating sample size
  • PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme), an age identification program in the U.K.
  • PASS (Personal Automated Self Service), a brandname formerly used by the Bank of Ireland for ATM cards
  • Peer-Assisted Study Sessions, an academic support program often used in higher education
  • Postdoctoral Application Support Service, method for applying to postgraduate dental programs in the US
  • Professional Association for SQL Server, a global Microsoft SQL Server community group
  • Pro-Am Sports System, or PASS Sports, a former Detroit-area cable television channel
  • Payments as a Secure Service, an electronic commerce payment system
  • PASS device, a personal safety device used by firefighters entering a hazardous environment
  • Plasma Acoustic Shield System, a disorientating weapon based on plasma explosions
  • "Pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep," an acronym describing the use of a fire extinguisher
  • Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive Theory, learning/intelligence model


  • Transit pass, bus pass or rail pass, a ticket which allows travel on buses or trains
  • Boarding pass, allows a passenger to board an aircraft
  • Continent pass, a pass allowing air travel within a continent
  • E-ZPass, an electronic toll-collection system in the United States
  • Eurail pass, issued by Eurail Group for trains and buses in Europe
  • I-Pass, an electronic toll-collection system used in Illinois
  • Indrail Pass, a railway pass for Indian railways
  • Pass Plus, a United Kingdom scheme to encourage good driving in young drivers


  • Mountain pass, a lower place in a mountain range allowing easier passage
  • Pass, used in some areas for a sea passage or strait



Companies and organisations

  • Pass Labs, an audio company based in Foresthill, California, USA


  • Forward Pass (horse), an American Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Monty's Pass, a Thoroughbred racehorse, winner of the 2003 Grand National
  • Raven's Pass, an English Thoroughbred racehorse
  • War Pass, an American Thoroughbred racehorse

Sports and games



Film and television


Other uses

  • First pass effect, a phenomenon of drug metabolism
  • Fish pass or fish ladder, a construction allowing migrating fish to pass an obstruction on a stream
  • Half-pass, a movement in dressage, in which the horse moves forward and sideways at the same time
  • Mountain pass theorem, an existence theorem from the calculus of variations
  • Pass by catastrophe, the concept that a disaster in an examination leads to all the students passing
  • Pass band or Passband, the range of frequencies that can pass through an electronic filter without being attenuated
  • Pass (legislature), the action of approving a proposed law
  • Motion to pass on, a dilatory motion used in legislative procedure
  • Pass (sleight of hand), a sleight of hand move
  • Perfect Pass, a digital precision speed control system for power boats
  • Pass, an overtaking manoeuvre
  • "Make a pass at", an expression for flirting

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