Dragon Flyz

Dragon Flyz

Dragon Flyz is a television program created by Gaumont Pictures that ran for approximately two or three years, accompanied by a line of toy action-figures. The program centered on a coalition known as the Dragonators (a combination of "dragon" and "aviators"), who are primarily humans who ride on Dragon-back for the purposes of search-and-rescue. A line of toys named DragonFlyz, based on the series, was released by Galoob.



Set in the 41st Century, wherein the continents have been ravaged by an event called 'The Cataclysm', the backstory depicts the adventures of dragon-riders either human or of a reptilian, gargoyle-like mutant race, who constantly conflict with each other for control of the Earth. The leading protagonists are four siblings foremost among humanity's dragonators; the chief antagonist is the mutant Dread Wing, who desires to destroy them and conquer the airborne city wherein they live. The battle occurs in the skies above a largely inhospitable, devastated planet whose pollution led to the evolution of the mutant races. The surface is therefore either heavily volcanic or completely barren, and as such essentially uninhabitable. Rivers of lava flow freely over the surface; some are inhabited by animals adapted to the unusual environment. The remaining human population now dwells in a giant floating city known as 'Airlandis'. Dragonators regularly travel to the surface below to retrieve the fuel of its operation; the large, egg-shaped, purple crystals strangely named "Amber". Amber crystals are usually found in close proximity to lava pools, though they may be dug directly out of the ground.

The Cataclysm

The full magnitude of 'The Cataclysm' is never directly mentioned, though in the first seconds of the opening titles the surface is depicted as a barren, post-apocalyptic scene, implying Nuclear Warfare. Assuming this to be the case explains the dearth of life.

Old Earth's inhabitants, ecosystemss, and species have all been exterminated, save those that found sanctuary in an 'Oasis'. The skies immediately above the surface are ravaged by continuous lightning storms and acid clouds; a phenomenon known as the 'Warp Winds'. The only safe gateway through these hazards are 'Wind Pits'; mountain caves extending above and through the "Warp Winds", so that flying through them protects the traveller.


Any pockets of life, where any of the planet's former species dwell in relative safety from the outside world, are known as 'Oases'. One such 'Oasis' is discovered by protagonists Z'neth and Apex after in a fight with Dreadwing, whereupon the forces of Airlandis and Dreadwing's minions each attempt to lay claim to the Oasis, resulting in Z'neth's challenge of Dreadwing to a duel for its ownership. Impatient, Dreadwing causes his dragon mount, Blackheart, to set the entire Oasis ablaze whilst trying to kill Z'neth. At the end of the episode, Apex is seen carrying a birds' nest, with a few eggs, on the saddle of her Dragon.


Its name may either be a play on "Atlantis", or the phrase 'air land is'; whereas the second and third syllables may be a reference to the word "island". It is a giant floating city having a gleaming golden colour and therefore a slight resemblance to Laputa. Five large 'bio-spheres' hover in its centre, each one simulating the conditions of a different natural habitat and thus becoming the breeding grounds and shelter of the species that humanity managed to rescue from 'The Cataclysm'. In one episode, Aaron, the protagonists' father, is seen tranquilizing and tagging a Polar Bear, on purpose to monitor it, in the Arctic tundra bio-sphere.

The city's most important region is its 'power core', operated by the engineer Orac, who requires a regular supply of 'Amber' to keep it in operation. Airlandis has a runway for the Dragonators, a Dragon aviary (where the Dragons reside when not needed to fly), a Council Chamber (where matters of government of the city are negotiated), a Control Room (known as 'Skywatch', where a team of uniformed men keep watch on the city's systems and monitor the skies), and a prison. It seems that Airlandis is a temporary solution, given that the populace seek a residence on the surface untouched by the Cataclysm.

It is implied in one episode that some humans managed to escape the Cataclysm by means of a space station, though little is said of this.


All the main characters, good or evil, ride dragon mounts into battle, but have the ability to fly short distances themselves. The Dragonators make use of a technology whereby dragonfly-like wings (known as "Exo-wings") emerge from the back-plate of their constantly-worn armor; whereas Dreadwing and his minions the Dramen literally 'sprout' aliped wings from their shoulders. Both types of wing vanish after the battle scene is finished. The Dragonators' chief weapon is the "Wind Jammer"; a wrist-mounted weapon in the form of a large bracer that fires blue energy bolts, whereas Dreadwing and his minions wield glove-like cannons which launch balls or streams of lava. All the protagonists have a name associated with a word that suggests the top, or a great elevation.



  • Callsign: Dragonator One
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Armor Color: Cerulean
  • Dragon Steed: Riptor

The leader of the Dragonators, and the eldest of the four siblings, Z'neth (pronounced "zenith") is characterised by his senior-fraternal concern for his teammates and his sense of honour and integrity. His name is a variation of 'zenith', which means "a direction directly above a particular location".


  • Callsign: Dragonator Two
  • Hair Colour: Bleached Blonde
  • Armor Color: Forest Green
  • Dragon Steed: Sky-Fury, called 'Fury' for short

The second-eldest sibling amongst the four. Summit is known for his various witty remarks and seemingly quick anger. His name means "the highest point of a mountain".

Summit enrages Councillor Joshua when the Dragonators return from an extremely dangerous mission only to be berated by his arrogance. Joshua is subsequently punched in the face, whereupon he orders Summit's arrest and detention in prison until further notice. Airlandis is later attacked by Dreadwing whilst the Dragonators are on a mission to Old Earth, while Summit is the only one on the city who could possibly fight back.


  • Callsign: Dragonator Three
  • Hair Colour: Orange
  • Armor Color: Silver
  • Dragon Steed: Blazewind, called 'Blaze' for short

Apex is the third-oldest sibling, and the only girl in the family. She is the most passive of the four, preferring negotiation to conflict, and is primarily known for her telepathic abilities. With these abilities she can easily communicate with 'Wild Dragons', and even manipulate weak-minded creatures, such as Dramen, into doing her bidding. Both require much concentration on her part. When using her powers, her eyes glow a silvery colour. Her name means 'the uppermost tip of a triangle'.


  • Callsign: Dragonator Four
  • Hair Colour: Blond
  • Armor Color: Orange/Purple
  • Dragon Steed: Wingstorm, or 'Storm' for short

Peak is the youngest, and the most reckless, of the siblings. He enjoys stunt-flying on dragon-back, which land him in trouble, and is quite egoistical and mischievous. His name indicates 'the top', as of a mountain or hill.


  • Callsign: Dragonator Five
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Armor Color: Brown
  • Dragon Steed: Titan (Dram's dragon)

Amod is another member of the Dragon Flyz, and a close friend of Peak's. He is skilled in battle, but initially disrespectful to dragons until he learns to think otherwise.


  • Callsign: Dragonator Six
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Armor Color: Black
  • Dragon Steed: Thunder

Zarkan is a soldier of the Dragon Flyz in the council of Dragons, and is loyal to the leading characters.


  • Callsign: Dragonator Nine
  • Hair Colour: Orange
  • Armor Color: Light Blue
  • Dragon Steed: Unnamed

Nora is the second female Dragonator in Airlandis, and the object of Peak's sexual interest. She fights alongside the other Dragonators with her own Dragon.


  • Hair Colour: White
  • Armor Colour: Red

Aaron is the father of the four protagonists, and is known for his wisdom; patience; tolerance; signature staff; and for hovering rather than walking, presumably by reason of having crippled legs. The levitation might be a result of his own psychic powers (implying Apex's inheritance thereof), or of the technology built into his staff or armor. It is his belief that a paradise exists on Old Earth where the denizens of Airlandis may make their new home and (presumably) rebuild the world.


Orac is an aged, seemingly grumpy, yet benevolent man who maintains the constant running of Airlandis' power generator. Regular supplies of "Amber" crystals, the generator's source of energy, from the Dragonators keep him pleased. He is always seen wearing his uniform and gloves.

Councillor Joshua

A ranking member of Airlandis' governing parliament, known to the majority of the city's inhabitants. Joshua is characterised by his arrogance and seeming disregard for the danger that the Dragonators confront. It is his belief that the search for a terrestrial home for humanity is a waste of time and energy, which places the existing refuge (Airlandis) at risk; this makes him an opposition to Aaron's position. Although he intends the greater good of the populace, his impatience ultimately leads him to place Summit in prison, permitting Dreadwing to take control of the city.



  • Skin Colour: Red
  • Dragon Steed: Blackheart

Dreadwing is the leader of the forces of evil that dwell on Old Earth in a giant cave complex known as "Warnado" (pronounced "War-nay-do", and possibly hybrid of the English "War" and the Spanish "tornado"). Dreadwing's dream is to live in the sky. His Dragon, Blackheart, is the only one seen capable of breathing fire, though this seems to be derived from drinking lava. Blackheart himself is black and red, and built like a traditional European dragon, and in comparison to other Dragons, extremely large, although Riptor has been seen to match him in size.


  • Skin Colour: Cyan
  • Dragon Steed: Unnamed

Nocturna is the typical femme fatale; her only major trait is her motive of serving Dreadwing in return for having a land of her own to rule. When Dreadwing offers to give her the Oasis, in exchange for her continued loyalty, she accepts and is angered when Dreadwing manages to destroy it. Her Dragon is unnamed, but resembles her in colour, and shares a crest similar to that on Nocturna's head.


  • Skin Colour: Grey
  • Dragon Steed: Skunk

Fryte is a hunchbacked servant of Dreadwing, and is unquestioningly loyal to his master. He speaks of himself in the third person, presumably to suggest a lack of intelligence. As with Nocturna, his Dragon mount bears a striking resemblance to his Master.


A mutant scientist who serves Dreadwing. He is ambitious, but aged and bent, and will quickly change allegiances for his own sake. His first open (and almost successful) act of treachery occurs when he creates a mind-control device for Dreadwing, although his invention overloads after a confrontation with Apex's powers.

The Dramen

  • Skin Colour: Purple/Grey
  • Dragon Steed: Unnamed

The Dramen (hybrid of "Dragon" and "men"; pronounced "Dray-mun") are large, brutish humanoids that can 'sprout' wings from their bodies; there are presumably more than one type on Old Earth. Dreadwing's Dramen are sometimes seen supporting Dreadwing and his lieutenants on dragon-back.

The Gremwings

Gremwings (a hybrid of "Gremlin" and "wings") are bipedal, insect-like creatures known for their definitive screeching and disproportionately large mouths, as well as their impressive carrying capacity. They serve Dreadwing in vast hordes.


  • Callsign: None
  • Skin Colour: Orange/Brown
  • Armor Color: Dark Brown
  • Dragon Steed: Titan

Dram is a Dramen raised by the Dragon Flyz. Little is known about Dram, other than that when he was a child, his village was destroyed and his family killed by the warlord Kreigo, who makes an appearance in a early episode. Dram's loyalty to the Dragon Flyz has caused other Dramen to name him 'traitor'; a label he resents. His dragon Titan has made only a few appearances; Dram prefers to fly on his own wings, though he never seems to have trouble keeping up with his comrades. Dram's name is a shortened version of 'Dramen', though he shares it an archaic unit of measurement.


Kreigo (pronounced "Kray-go") makes a very brief appearance in the series. He is the tribal leader of the 'Dark Dramen of the Highlands' (characterised by their bluish skin and crested heads). He is an archetypal "noble savage", whose respect for honor and honesty balances his barbarian greed and arrogance. Kreigo is at first Dread Wing's rival, and later forges an alliance with him, only to be betrayed by Dreadwing and Nocturna. Upon this betrayal, he surrenders himself to the Dragon Flyz, in order to avoid his tribe's further conflict with them. He is the keeper of a derelict space station, from which the Dragonators obtain historical records, and the destroyer of Dram's family.


There are three varieties of Dragons shown in the series. The first and most common are the Airlandian/Wild dragons. They have smooth-skinned, slightly serpentine bodies; long, slender necks and tails; needle-like teeth; and pterosaur-like wings on which they can walk, in the absence of forelegs. They are distinguishable from each other by colouration and head shape. The second type is a large-bodied, stocky, four-legged breed with very short necks, ridden by such as Fryte, Kreigo, and Nocturna. The third breed has only one known member, Blackheart. This breed has features of both previous breeds, is unusually large, and has the ability to consume lava and consequently breathe fire. All Dragons are extremely intelligent and seem to understand everything said to them. They are always fiercely loyal to their riders, even when the affairs thereof do not apparently concern them. Airlandian dragons live, when not on duty, in a vast, hangarlike station consisting of nesting areas and a somewhat terraformed environment including a lake. On duty, they are exceedingly disciplined, so that under no circumstances do they abandon their riders.


Rider: Z'Neth

Riptor is the most powerful Arlandian dragon, and is considered the dragons' leader, as evidenced by his separate, larger nesting area, collar, and crest armor. He is blue, with a nasal horn and two large crests. Riptor has a personal rivalry with Blackheart, and is the only dragon strong enough to contend with him.

Sky Fury

Rider: Summit

A green female with two brown horns. Sky Fury is the only female mount among the protagonists' steeds. She seems to have a rather independent personality and has no hesitation in taking action without the command of others.

Fury's Cub

Rider: Unknown

A small, green dragon born at an early point of the series. He has yellow eyes and a crested head (as opposed to his mother's horns). His sire is unidentified. While still an egg, he was captured by Nocturna, who had been sent by Dreadwing to capture dragons' eggs for a genetic experiment performed by Gangrene. The experiment had the effect of modifying his genetic code to the extent that when he hatched, he was able to voluntarily project a strong current resembling electromagnetic energy from his mouth. Dreadwing attempted to use this ability as a weapon, but failed when Sky Fury unexpectedly entered the scene and persuaded the hatchling to join her. A strong familial loyalty formed thereafter between Fury and her son.

Wing Storm

Rider: Peak

A young, steel-grey dragon, having a spiky head and a long mouth fringed by what may be either points of flesh or portuberant fangs. Both Wing Storm and Peak are shown to be reckless at times, though 'Storm' is the more cautious of the two.


Rider: Apex

A white, maned dragon. Blazewind is closer to his rider than most by virtue of their ability to communicate telepathically.


Rider: Dram

Dram's brown and black dragon. Known to co-ordinate activity with that of its rider.


Rider: Dreadwing

A massive four-legged, long-necked, black and red dragon having the ability to breathe fire. Blackheart is a savage monster, perfectly suited to his rider, and would happily devour anyone or anything that came within his reach. The only dragon usually able to match him is Riptor; but he was once beaten by the leader of a pack of Airlandian-type Wild Dragons shown to match his size and to breathe fire.

Episode guide

26 Episodes

  • 1. Dragon Dawn
  • 2. The Day of the Dragon
  • 3. Darkness Bound
  • 4. Son of Dread
  • 5. Amber King
  • 6. Crystal Fire
  • 7. The Defector
  • 8. Warnado Rising
  • 9. Bugz
  • 10. Lost Eden
  • 11. Mount Alayas
  • 12. Scavenger
  • 13. Dark Dramen
  • 14. The Eclipse
  • 15. There can be only one
  • 16. Cifex
  • 17. Into Hell's Gate
  • 18. Ground Zero
  • 19. Betrayed
  • 20. The Portal
  • 21. Dread Wing Rules part.1
  • 22. Dread Wing Rules part.2
  • 23. The Children's Crusade
  • 24. The Chameleon
  • 25. The Accused
  • 26. The F.I.S.T. Fighters

Toy line

There are two sets of DragonFlyz toys released by Galoob. One set consists of the central characters in various costumes, equipped with rotating wings that enable it to fly, a launching device shaped as a dragon, and a DVD. The second set does not have the DVD, and the launcher does not look like a dragon. Variations include lone riders; lone dragons that fly by flapping their own wings; and luminous figures that emanate light when launched. Most of the rider figures carry firearm-like weapons. Galoob released a similar toy design aimed at girls, called Sky Dancers.

Variances in backstory

The backstory of the toyline is essentially that of the television series, but differs in the costume of the characters and in some of the concepts including the existence of luminous dragonators and named Gremwings, neither of which appear in the films.

Home Video

Dragon Flyz has had five VHS releases, four numbered volumes with a single episode each and "Dragon Flyz: The Legend Begins", a compilation of the first three episodes. There have been two region 2 D.V.D.s, each with a single episode, in addition to those sold alongside the toys.

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