Amber (disambiguation)

Amber (disambiguation)

Amber is a petrified resin material often used as a gemstone.

Amber may also refer to:
*Amber (given name) for a female in English
*A common Indian given name meaning "The Sky" in Hindi
*Amber (color), the color of some samples of the material amber, a slightly orangish yellow
*Amber (pipeline), gas pipeline
*AMBER, a molecular dynamics force field and software package
*, a computer game released in 1996
*Amber, the city at the center of Roger Zelazny's fictional multiverse in "The Chronicles of Amber"
*Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game, a diceless roleplaying game set in Zelazny's multiverse
*Amber ale, a type of pale North American beer
*AMBER Alert, an alert system used in Canada and in the United States to aid in solving kidnapping cases
*USS "Amber" (PYc-6) a United States Navy patrol vessel deployed in World War II
*Amber (restaurant), a European-style haute cuisine restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Landmark Hotel
*Amber, the stop codon UAG, in classical genetics
*Ambergris ("Grey amber"), a valuable natural odorant produced by sperm whales
*In Amber Clad, a spaceship from the Halo video game series


*Amber (performer), a pop music/dance music performer and singer
*Amber, a stage name for the J-pop music artist Rie Eto
*Amber Benson, an American actress
*Amber Brkich, a participant in the Survivor: All-Stars TV show
*Amber Campisi, Playmate of the month for February 2005
*Amber Frey, the mistress of convicted murderer Scott Peterson
*Amber Hagerman, after whom the AMBER Alert was named
*Amber Littlejohn, Native American professional figure competitor
*Amber Rose (singer), a Mexican-American singer
*Amber Rose (porn star), a pornographic actress
*Amber Rose Kelly, an American actress and musician
*Amber Tamblyn, an actress

Fictional people named Amber

*Amber, a character in the television series "Hannah Montana"
*Amber Pigal-Simpson, the illegal wife of Homer Simpson
*Amber (often called "February"), a character from the anime series "Darker than Black"
*Amber, a fictional character from the television series "The Tribe" (1999-2003)
*Amber Volakis, a character from the television series House


*"Amber" (Autechre album), an album by the electronic music group Autechre.
*"Amber" (Clearlake album), an album by the Indie rock group Clearlake.
*"Amber" (song), a single by 311 from the album "From Chaos".
*"Amber", a song by the Japanese rock band Dir en grey on the album "Vulgar" (album)


*Amber, India, an ancient Indian city
*Amber, Oklahoma
*Amber Road, an ancient trade route between Europe and Asia
*Amber Township, Michigan
*Amber Valley, a district and borough in Derbyshire, England
* The Castle, City and State of Amber, a fictional place in The Chronicles of Amber.
* Amber Mountain National Park, in Madagascar.

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