United Food and Commercial Workers

United Food and Commercial Workers


Reform Efforts in the UFCW

A number of groups composed of UFCW employees have assembled with stated goals of reforming the UFCW and challenging allegedly corrupt or undemocratic practices.

The oldest such effort, Research-Education-Advocacy-People (REAP), was founded in 1989 and primarily based in the meat packing side of the union.

The UFCW Members for Democracy (MFD) were founded in 1997 as a grassroots slate challenging the leadership of UFCW Local 1518 in British Columbia, Canada. The Members for Democracy later expanded their scope to a broader community of reform-minded workers in the Canadian and U.S. labor movements.

In 2003, workers at Foster Farms plants around Livingston, California voted to leave UFCW Local 1288 and later founded founded the League of Independent Workers of the San Joaquin Valley.


As part of its Wake Up Wal-Mart campaign, the UFCW hired protestors to protest outside a Nevada Wal-Mart. According to one article critical of the union action the protesters were not unionized, were paid less than Wal-Mart employees, had no health insurance, and were hired to stand in hot sun, where one suffered heat stroke. [cite news|url=http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/content/fileadmin/oldsite/2005/09/08/awsi1.html|date=August 9, 2005|publisher=Las Vegas Weekly|title=Picketers for Hire:The strange business of protesting jobs that may be better than yours|author=Stacy J. Willis]


External resources

* [http://www.ufcw.org/ United Food and Commercial Workers International Union]
* [http://www.ufcw.ca/ United Food and Commercial Workers Canada]
* [http://www.ufcw.ca/Default.aspx?SectionID=a3b41eb1-f567-4f3b-8a8b-e70050308832&LanguageId=1 UFCW Canada Rights for Ag Workers Campaign]
* [http://www.wakeupwalmart.com/ Wake Up Walmart.com]
* [http://www.groceryworkersunited.org Grocery Workers United] (UFCW National Bargaining Unity Campaign)
* [http://www.reapinc.org REAP website]
* [http://www.ufcwreform.org UFCW Reform website]
* [http://clogic.eserver.org/2004/gibson.html Gibson, Rich. "The California Grocery Strike." Cultural Logic. 2004.]

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