Government of Finland

Government of Finland

Finland is a Republic with a representative democracy governed according to the principles of parliamentarism. Legislative power is vested in the Parliament of Finland. Executive affairs of government are decided by the Council of State, which is led by the prime minister. Some matters are decided by the President of Finland in plenary meetings with the Council of State, echoing the constitutional history of a Privy Council. The President of the Republic is otherwise not present in the Council, but decides on issues like personal appointments and pardons on the advice of the relevant minister. In the ministries, matters of secondary importance are decided by individual ministers, advised by the minister's State Secretary.The Prime Minister and the other ministers in the Council of State are responsible for their actions in office to the Parliament of Finland.

Head of Government

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:"Head of Government:" Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (since 2003): Council of State: Ministers are appointed by the President upon the nomination of the Prime Minister and confirmed by Parliament:"Elections:" The Prime Minister designate is appointed by the President of Finland and then confirmed by Parliament :"Election results:" Matti Vanhanen was elected Prime Minister in June 2003, continuing the coalition government between the Centre Party (KESK), the Social Democrats (SDP), and the Swedish People's Party, which was established by his predecessor following the General Election in 2003. In 2007, following the election victory of National Coalition Party, Center Party formed a coalition government with the National Coalition, Swedish People's Party and the Green League, Matti Vanhanen continuing as the Prime Minister.

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