Energy FM (Malta)

Energy FM (Malta)

Energy FM is a community radio station located in Birzebbuga, Malta. It transmits in stereo at a frequency of 96.4 MHz.

The radio station plays the best of contemporary music and the most popular singles that were released in the past forty years, with a special focus made on 60s and 70s hits during night time. It is referred to as "The south energy music mix".

The Beginning

This radio idea started off as a dream in 1994 when a friend of David Spiteri presented him a sign showing Speedy Radio (Speedy referred to David Spiteri's own mobile disco that was known as ‘Speedy Disco’). In November 2002 he applied for a radio license.

Why Energy?

"Choosing a name for the radio was no easy task.", David Spiteri, owner

Finally a decision was made on what to call the station. David called it Energy FM. What inspired David most was the fact that the south of Malta is the area that provides all of the energy facilities for the rest of the island by storing fuels, gases and producing electricity. Finally, in January 2003, he was granted a license by the Malta Broadcasting Authority to run a community radio station.

Within months David managed to create a studio with the latest technology. This included the installation of a transmitter, music schedule equipment and a new revolutionary computer system that was to administer Energy FM’s technical needs.

Choosing the Staff

The main idea behind Birzebbugia’s community radio station is to build and strengthen friendly relationships between individuals and the local community. At first he thought it was going to be hard to recruit staff, as work here is done on a voluntary basis. He was wrong! Soon enough, a number of radio and music lovers approached David to help in administrating this project in various ways. David therefore hired individuals who wasted no time to start operating the radio’s equipment.

On Air

On the 21st of March 2003, Energy Fm went live on air. The first official words were, “This is Energy FM for the first time on 88.4FM in stereo.”

September 2004

Due to some technical difficulties, Energy FM had to change its frequency to 96.4FM.

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