Smash can be:

*A form of cocktail
*An onomatopoeic term for a forceful, usually damaging, physical impact or the act of making such an impact.
*"Attack on Tomorrow", a 1977 Japanese anime also known as "Smash!"
*Barry Darsow, a professional wrestler known as "Smash".
*Shorthand for the video games Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, or Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
*Smash, a powerful attacking shot in Badminton
*Smash (album), the highest selling independent album of all time, by The Offspring.
*Smash! (comic), a British comic of the 1960s.
*Smash! (manga), a 2006 badminton manga made by mangaka Kaori Saki.
*Smash (company) - Des Moines, Iowa clothing store.
*Smash (instant mashed potato), a brand of instant mashed potato particularly famous in the UK.
*Smash (Jackson and His Computer Band album)
*Smash (record label), a record label
*Smash (magazine), a children's magazine from the 1970s.
*Smash (Music promoters), a Japanese music production company responsible for Fuji Rock Festival
*Smash (tennis), a shot in tennis

SMASH may refer to:
*S*M*A*S*H, a band from the UK
*SMASH (comics), the Society of Modern American Science Heroes, a team of fictional superheroes.
*SMASH! (convention), the Sydney Manga and Anime Show.
*Smash!!, the Russian music group
*SMASH, School of Martial Arts, Skilled Dance & Health
*Super Smash Bros. (series), a video game series.
*Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware, a suite of specifications that deliver industry standard protocols to manage a data center

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