The abbreviation SPS can stand for:

;Educational and scholarly institutions
* St. Patrick's School, Asansol, an old school in Asansol, India
* St. Paul's School (Concord, New Hampshire), a boarding school in the United States
* St Paul's School (London), a day and boarding school in the United Kingdom
* School of Practical Science, of the University of Toronto in Canada
* Sigma Pi Sigma, a fraternity in in the United States
* Social and Political Sciences, of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom
* Society for Pentecostal Studies, an association of biblical scholars
* Society of Physics Students, an international professional association
* Software Preservation Society, a society dedicated to preserving obsolete software

;Political parties and government agencies
* Socialist Party of Serbia ("Социалистичка Партија Србије"), a political party in Serbia
* Union of Right Forces ("Soyuz Pravykh Sil"), a political party in Russia
* Social Democratic Party of Switzerland ("Sozialdemokratische Partei Schweiz"), a political party in Switzerland
* Sahara Press Service, the information and propaganda ministry of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
* Single Payment Scheme, a European Union subsidy payment system
* Scottish Prison Service
* Singapore Prison Service
* Swedish Police Service

* Sewerage Pumping Station, a pumping facility designed to handle raw sewage
* SharePoint Portal Server, a Microsoft Office product
* Side Protection Systems, a part of early warship design
* Solar power satellite, an orbital satellite designed to beam solar power down to Earth
* Sony PlayStation, a 1994 video game console
* Stand-alone power system (SPS or SAPS)
* Super Proton Synchrotron, a particle accelerator at CERN
* Switching-mode power supply, an electronic power supply unit that incorporates a switching regulator
* Symbolic Programming System, a code assembler developed by IBM

;Other uses
* Samples Per Second, the frequency of samples taken from a continuous signal to make a discrete signal
* San Pedro Sula, a city in Honduras
* Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement, an international treaty of the World Trade Organization
* Single Payment Scheme, farm subsidy in the EU
* Small Penis Syndrome, a psychological condition
* Spark Plasma Sintering, a sintering technique
* Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway, a defunct railroad in the United States
* Station Police Sergeant, a defunct British police rank
* Statistic Process Control, a method of monitoring a process through the use of control charts
* Stiff person syndrome, a rare neurologic disorder
* Sussex Piscatorial Society, a fishing club in the United Kingdom
* Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (IATA airport code)

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