Salome (disambiguation)

Salome (disambiguation)

Salome or Salomé is the English version (derived through Greek Σαλωμη) of a name that in Hebrew reads שלומית ("Shlomit") and is derived from "Shalom" שלום, meaning "peace". It is a common female first name in Israel. In Latin and German the name is written without accent ("Salome"). Several other languages like French, Spanish, and Dutch use the version with acute accent on the last letter ("Salomé"). Other versions and spellings of the name exist, for example "Salomea", or in Italian "Salomè". The name may refer to:


* Salome Alexandra (ruled 76-67 BCE), Queen of Judea
* Salome, (c. early 1st century CE), daughter of Herodias and nemesis of John the Baptist
* Salome I, Herod the Great's sister
* Salome (daughter of Herod I), (c. early 1st century CE), daughter of Herod the Great and his wife Elpis
* Salome (disciple) (c. early 1st century CE), disciple of Jesus, sometimes called Saint Mary Salome
* Lou Andreas-Salomé (1861-1937), cosmopolitan Russian-born writer
* Salomé Breziner, director
* Salome Jens (born May 8, 1935), actress best-known for portraying the female shapeshifter on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
* Salomé Ureña (b. 1847-1897), poet and teacher from the Dominican Republic
* Salomé (singer) (b. 1943), Spanish singer
* Salomé (artist) (b. 1954), German artist
* Salomé (Rapper) (b. 1985), Iranian/Turkish MC

Art and media

* "Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist", painting by Sandro Botticelli, 1488
* "Salome with the Head of John the Baptist", painting by Cornelis Engelbrechtsz, c. 1490
* "The Daughter of Herodias", painting by Sebastiano del Piombo, 1510
* "Salome", sculpture by Tilman Riemenschneider, 1500-1510
* "Salome", painting by Casare da Sesta, 1510-20
* "Salome", painting by Giampietrino, c. 1510-30,
* "Salome", painting by Alonso Berruguete, 1512-16
* "", painting by Titian, c. 1515
* "Salome with the Head of John the Baptist", painting by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen
* "Salome with the head of St John the Baptist", painting by Titian, c. 1530
* "Salome", painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder, c. 1530
* Salome with the Head of John the Baptist (Caravaggio, London), painting by Caravaggio, c. 1607
* Salome with the Head of John the Baptist (Madrid) (Caravaggio), painting by Caravaggio, c. 1609
* "Salome", painting by Giovanni Battista Caracciolo, 1615-20
* "Salome Dancing before Herod", painting by Jacob Hogers, c. 1630-55
* "Salome Presented with the Head of St. John the Baptist", painting by Leonaert Bramer, 1630s
* "Salome with the Head of John the Baptist", painting by Guido Reni, 1639-40
* "The Daughter of Herodias Receiving the Head of John the Baptist", by Gustave Doré, 1865
* "Salome", painting by Henri Regnault, 1870
* "Salome Dancing before Herod", painting by Gustave Moreau 1874-76
* "Salome", painting by Gustave Moreau, 1876
* "The Daughter of Herodias Dancing", painting by James Tissot, 1886-96:
* Salome (play) (1893), by Oscar Wilde
* Salome (opera) (1905), by Richard Strauss
* "Salome", painting by Nikolai Astrup
* "Salome", painting by Franz von Stuck, 1906
* "La tragédie de Salomé", 1907 ballet by Florent Schmitt
* Salomé (1910 film) short film by Ugo Faleno
* Salomé (1918 film)
* Salomé (1923 film)
* Salome (1953 film), starring Rita Hayworth
* Salomé (2002 film), directed by Carlos Saura
* "Salome: My First 2000 Years of Love" (1953), novel by George S. Viereck and Paul Eldridge
* "Salome", a song by Karel Kryl (1965)
* "Salome's Last Dance" (1988), film by Ken Russell
* "Salomé – Five Plays" ("The Seven Veils", "Dialogue with the Baptist", "Salomé's Reward", "The Chop" and "The Platter") by Nick Cave, included in "King Ink", ISBN 1-880985-08-X, 1988, pp. 67-76
* "Salome", a song by The House of Love on their debut album, The House of Love (1988 album)
* "Salome", main character of the 1990 novel "Skinny Legs and All" by Tom Robbins
* "Salome", a 1990 song by U2:
** included in the 1992 single "Even Better Than the Real Thing"
** eight versions of the song included in "Salome: The Axtung Beibi Outtakes" (1993), a 3 disc studio bootleg of U2's "Achtung Baby" recording sessions
** remix of the single included in the 1995 fan club compilation album ""
* Salome, a fictional West Texas town, which is the setting for the 1996 Kevin Costner film "Tin Cup" (most of the images in the opening sequence are taken in the tiny "Arizona" town of Salome)
* "Salome", a song by Lili Haydn on her debut album "Lili" (1997)
* "Salome", a song composed by Edward Shearmur on the original soundtrack of the motion picture "The Governess" (1998)
* "Salome", a poem by Carol Ann Duffy, featured in "The World's Wife" (1999).
* Salomé (telenovela) (2001), Mexican telenovela starring Edith González
* "Salomé", novel by François Weyergans, written in 1968 but only published in 2005, the year he received the Prix Goncourt for "Trois jours chez ma mère"
* "Salomé in Low Land" (2006), pixel animation film by Christian Zagler (born Graz, 1980) based on Richard Strauss' opera; World premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006
* "Salome", a song by the Old 97s, featured on their album Too Far to Care and sung live in the 2006 movie The Break Up
* "Salomé - The Seventh Veil", a 2007 album by Xandria which also features the song "Salomé"
* "When Salome plays the drum", a song by Jimmy Buffett, featured on his "Bars" disc of his "Bars, Beaches, Boats and Ballads" collection.

Other uses

* SALOME, an open source computer-aided engineering platform for pre / post processing
* Salomé, Nord, "commune" of the Urban Community of Lille Métropole in Nord, France
* Salome, Arizona, a census-designated place in La Paz County, Arizona, United States
* Salome, a type of marble

ee also

* Salomey (cartoon pig)

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