ASEAN Common Time

ASEAN Common Time

ASEAN Common Time is an idea by ASEAN to adopt a standard time of UTC+8 for all member countries. Some businesses with a local or regional reach, already adopted the use of the "ASEAN Common Time", and can be seen abbreviated as '"ACT"' in their Press Releases, communications, and legal documents. There are also ASEAN Citizens who have started using ACT in their sites and blogs.

As of 2008 time zones used by ASEAN countries are , UTC+7, UTC+8 and UTC+9.

* UTC+7, UTC+8, UTC+9
* UTC+8
* UTC+8
* UTC+8
* UTC+8
* UTC+7
* UTC+7
* UTC+7
* UTC+7
* UTC+6:30

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*cite web | title = Joint Communique of The 29th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) Jakarta, 20-21 July 1996 | url =
*cite web | title = Towards an ASEAN Community | date = 2004-08-07 | url = | author = Abdullah Ahmad Badawi | format = speech

ome Companies and Sites Adopted and Using ACT already

* [ "Asian media Development Group"] Sites
* [ "Lineage II" South-East Asia (L2-SEA) official site]
* [ "ASEAN - Asia's Perfect 10]
* [ " Blognet]

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