"Gregorian Calendar switch": Year 1582 involved conversion to the Gregorian calendar, and, as a result, had only 355 days. Year "1582" began as a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar, and continued as normal through Thursday, October 4. However, the next day became Friday, October 15 (like a common year starting on Friday), in the Catholic countries: Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. Other countries continued using the Julian calendar, switching calendars in later years. "Julian Date Converter", US Navy, January 2008, webpage: [http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/JulianDate.php NavyM-Julian] .]

Events of 1582

* January 15 - Russia cedes Livonia and Southern-Estonia to Poland.
* February 10 - François, Duke of Anjou, arrives in the Netherlands, where he is personally welcomed by William the Silent.
* February 24 - Pope Gregory XIII implements the Gregorian Calendar.
* April 16 - Spanish conquistador Hernando de Lerma founds the settlement of Salta, Argentina.
* June 21 - The Incident at Honnō-ji occurs in Kyoto, Japan.
* October 4 of Julian calendar (Thursday) - Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain make the next day Friday, October 15 of the Gregorian Calendar, skipping over 10 days. Other countries follow at various later dates.
* November 28 - In Stratford-upon-Avon, 18 year-old William Shakespeare and 26 year-old Anne Hathaway pay a 40-pound bond for their marriage license (Shakespeare would later become one of the greatest playwrights in history).
* December 9 of Julian calendar (Sunday) - France makes the next day Monday, December 20 of the Gregorian Calendar.
* October 4 - Saint Teresa of Avila dies. She is buried the next day, October 15 (see explanation of calendar change)


* Kumbum is founded in Tibet.
* In China, Jesuit Matteo Ricci is allowed to enter during the Ming Dynasty.
* The earliest date of reference to the publishing of private newspapers in Beijing, during the Ming Dynasty of China.
* The sultanate of Morocco begins to press southward in search of a greater share of the trans-Saharan trade.
* The Douai-Rheims Bible is published.
*Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacks a fortress at Takamatsu.


* January 28 - John Barclay, Scottish satirist and Latin poet (d. 1621)
* May 1 - Marco da Gagliano, Italian composer (d. 1643)
* May 28 - William Fiennes, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele, English statesman (d. 1662)
* August 28 - Taichang Emperor, of the Ming dynasty of China (d. 1620)
* October 17 - Johann Gerhard, Lutheran church leader (d. 1637)
* October 19 - Dmitri Ivanovich, Russian Tsarevich (d. 1591)
* November 27 - Pierre Dupuy, French scholar (d. 1651)
* December 23 - Severo Bonini, Italian composer (d. 1663)
*"date unknown"
**Giovanni Francesco Abela, Maltese writer (d. 1655)
**Giulio Alenio, Italian Jesuit missionary (d. 1649)
**Gregorio Allegri, Italian composer (d. 1652)
**John Bainbridge, English astronomer (d. 1648)
**Richard Corbet, English poet (d. 1635)
**William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh (d. 1643)
**Phineas Fletcher, English poet (d. 1650)
**Kobayakawa Hideaki, Japanese samurai and warlord (d. 1602)
**William Juxon, Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 1663)
**William Lithgow, Scottish traveller (d. 1645)
**François Maynard, French poet (d. 1646)
**Thomas Moulson, Lord Mayor of London (d. 1638)
**David Teniers the Elder, Flemish painter (d. 1649)
**Francis Windebank, English politician (d. 1646)
**Jakub Zadzik, Polish nobleman and diplomat (d. 1642)
**Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, Italian Baroque composer (d. 1609)
**Sigismondo d'India, Italian composer (d. 1629)

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* January 26 - Thomas Platter, Swiss humanist scholar (b. 1499)
* March 18 - Juan Jauregui, attempted assassin of William I of Orange (b. 1562)
* April 3 - Takeda Katsuyori, Daimyo of Takeda Clan (b. 1546)
* May 5 - Charlotte of Bourbon, third wife of William I of Orange (b. 1547/1548)
* June 21 - Oda Nobunaga, Daimyo of the Oda Clan (b. 1534)
* June 21 - Anayama Nobukimi, Japanese military commander (b. 1541)
* June 23 - Shimizu Muneharu, Japanese military commander (b. 1537)
* July 2 - Akechi Mitsuhide, Japanese samurai and warlord (b. 1528)
* September 28 - George Buchanan, Scottish humanist scholar (b. 1506)
* October 4 - Saint Teresa of Avila, Spanish Carmelite nun and poet (b. 1515)
*December 11Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba, Spanish general (b. 1507)
*"date unknown"
**Wu Cheng'en, Chinese novelist and poet of the Ming Dynasty
**James Crichton, Scottish scholar (b. 1560)
**Giocangga, chieftain of the Jurchens
**Jacques Peletier du Mans, French mathematician (b. 1517)
**Hans Hendrik van Paesschen, Flemish architect (b. 1510)

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