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Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University ("ÇOMÜ" in Turkish language) is a Turkish university located in Canakkale (Dardanos) province (near Gallipoli) and its surrounding towns.


COMU was founded in 1992 based upon the Faculty of Education on the Anafartalar Campus. Before this the facilities had housed a Teacher Training Institute, then a branch of Trakya University.

With its new status and intake from Turkey's large youth population, the university developed quickly in terms of the number of students, staff and facilities, spurring the opening of new faculties and colleges.

The university has expanded rapidly over the last few years and in the 2005-2006 academic year there were over 19,000 students participating in a wide variety of programs taught by 960 academic staff in 2 graduate schools, 9 faculties, 2 polytechnic colleges (four year programs) and 11 vocational colleges (two-year programs). There are several campuses in Canakkale itself, and some of the academic units are located in other towns of the province.


* Biga Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
* Faculty of Agriculture
* Faculty of Education
* Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
* Faculty of Fine Arts
* Faculty of Fisheries
* Faculty of Medicine
* Faculty of Sciences and Arts
* Faculty of Theology

Biga Faculty Of Economics And Administrative Sciences, BIIBF

The Biga Faculty of Economics and Managements Studies is located in Biga, a town approximately 90 kilometers. from Canakkale city center.

It offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The faculty publishes a quarterly journal: Journal of Administrative Sciences (YBD).

Departments: International Relations, Business Studies, Economics, Labor economics & Industrial Relations, Public Finance, Public Management.

* Dean: Prof. Dr. Ali Akdemir
* Deputy Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yucel ACER
* Department of International Relations: Prof. Dr. Mete TUNCOKU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sedat Laçiner, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yucel Acer; Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet HASGULER, Assist. Prof. Dr. Yunus YOLDAS, Assist. Prof. Dr. Bulent ULUDAG, Soner KARAGUL, Didem YAMAN, Gurol BABA.
* Department of Administrative Studies: Assoc. prof. Dr. Ibarim KAYA
* Department of Labour Studies: Assist. prof. Dr. Mahir GUMUS

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.316 57 11
* Fax : +.90.(0)286.316 37 33
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty Of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture is located on the main Terzioglu Campus in Canakkale and also has practical training facilities at its farm in the village of Uvecik and on the Dardanos Campus. All students follow a common programme for the first three years and specialise in their final year of studies.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Construction and Irrigation, Agricultural Mechanisation, Animal Production, Field Crops, Horticulture, Landscaping, Plant Protection, Soil Science.

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.218 05 44
* Fax : +.90.(0)286.218 05 45
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty Of Education

This is the largest faculty of the university, with approximately 4500 students, and is located on the Anafartalar Campus in the centre of Çanakkale.

Departments: Computer and Educational Technology Teaching, Education Studies, Fine Arts Teaching, Foreign Language Teaching, Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Primary School Teaching, Secondary Education Social Subjects Teaching, Turkish Language Teaching.

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.217 13 03
* Fax : +.90.(0)286.212 07 51
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty Of Engineering And Architecture

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is temporarily located in the Faculty of Sciences and Arts building on the Terzioglu Campus, until its own building is complete.

Departments: Computer Engineering, Food Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geophysical Engineering.

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.218 05 40
* Fax : +.90.(0)286.218 05 41
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty of Fine Arts

The Faculty of Fine Arts is located on the Terzioglu Campus.

Departments: Ceramics, Cinema and Television, Drama and Performing Arts, Graphics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles, Traditional Handicrafts.

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.212 91 51
* Fax : +.90.(0)286.218 05 35
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty of Fisheries

The Faculty of Fisheries is temporarily housed in the Faculty of Sciences and Arts building until construction of its own building on the Terzioglu Campus is completed. It offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Departments: Aquaculture, Fishing and Processing, Hydrobiology

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.218 05 42
* Fax : +.90.(0).286.218 05 43
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine received its first intake of students in 2002 and at present they are being educated at another university in Istanbul. As soon as preparations for this new faculty are complete, the students will be transferred to Çanakkale.

Faculty Of Sciences And Arts

The Faculty of Sciences and Arts is located on the Terzioglu Campus.

Departments: Archaeology, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Turkish Language and Literature.

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.218 05 32
* Fax : +.90.(0)286.21805 33
* E-mail :
* Web : []

Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology is located in its own building on the Terzioglu Campus. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to train students who will be able to offer their services to the community as Islamic clergymen or scholars or teachers of religious subjects in schools. Students who elect to study appropriate optional courses can also find employment in state archives or similar institutions.

Importance is also given to academic undertakings and members of the faculty have organized national and international conferences and panel discussions, participated in interdisciplinary and regional projects (one of these funded by the Turkish Academy of Science), and presented papers at both national and overseas conferences. Results of research undertakings are presented in publications and information about religious subjects given to the general public through participation in TV programmes and the like.

Departments: Basic Islamic Studies, Islamic History and Art, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

* Tel : +.90.(0)286.218 05 37
* Fax : +.90.(0).286.218 05 38
* E-mail :
* Web : []

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