Knot (disambiguation)

Knot (disambiguation)

A knot is a fastening or securing of linear material such as rope, by tying or interweaving. Knot may also refer to:

In biology

* Several species of birds are commonly known as knots, including:
** Red Knot, a wading bird (simply called "Knot" in Europe)
** Great Knot, a wading bird
* Knotted wrack, a seaweed
* Knotgrass or knotweed, a member of the buckwheat family
* Knotted Marjoram, an alternative name for the herb Marjoram
* A knot garden, an elaborate interlace of tightly-clipped low hedging
* Knot, a mark left in timber by the origin of branches
* An alternative term for a trigger point, a small, hard, tender spot in a muscle
* The "bulbus glandis" of a canid penis

Other uses

* KNOT, a radio station (1450 AM) in Prescott, Arizona, United States.
* Celtic knot, a decorative graphic representation of a knot
* Knot, a unit of water or air speed measurement, equal to one nautical mile per hour.
* Knot, in mathematics — an abstract representation of an interwoven linear object
** Knot theory, the study of mathematical knots
* Garlic knots are an appetizer served in pizzerias
* "The Knot", a 2006 Chinese film
* "Knots", a 2004 film starring Scott Cohen and Annabeth Gish
* "Knots", a 1970 book of poetry by the psychologist R. D. Laing
* "Knots Landing", an American soap opera

ee also

* Knott
* Gordian Knot (disambiguation)

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