Mount Arith

Mount Arith
Mount Arith
Mount Arith is located in Albania
Mount Arith
Dibër District,  Albania
Elevation 1,987 m (6,519 ft)
Coordinates 41°34′31″N 20°18′41″E / 41.5753°N 20.3114°E / 41.5753; 20.3114Coordinates: 41°34′31″N 20°18′41″E / 41.5753°N 20.3114°E / 41.5753; 20.3114

Mount Arith is a mountain in the Dibër District, eastern Albania. It is situated 12 km northeast of Bulqizë, and 15 km southwest of Peshkopi. Its elevation is 1,987 metres (6,519 ft).[1]


  1. ^ Soviet military map К-34-89-Б (1:50.000)

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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