Events and trends

*The Great Awakening - A Protestant religious movement active in the British colonies of North America
*Octant invented (around 1730) independently by John Hadley in Great Britain and Thomas Godfrey in the American colonies.
* In 1737, the City of Richmond, Virginia is founded.

World leaders

* Louis XV King of France (king from 1715 to 1774)
* Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor (1711 - 1740).
* Frederick William I of Prussia, king in Prussia
* Shahs of Persia (Safavid dynasty and Afsharid dynasty)
# Tahmasp II, 1723-1732
# Abbas III, 1732-1736
# Nadir Shah, 1736-1747 (Began the Afsharid dynasty)
* George II King of Great Britain (king from 1727 to 1760)
* Philip V King of Spain (king from 1700 to 1746)
* Bhonsle Dynasty of the Marathas
# Shahu
* Peshwa of the Marathas
# Baji Rao I
* Muhammad Shah(Mughal Empire)

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