List of national parks of Bolivia

List of national parks of Bolivia
Map of protected areas of Bolivia

Status as of 2008:

Name Photo Location Area Established
Aguaragüe Valle Pilcomayo.jpg Tarija Department 45,822 ha (177 sq mi) 2000
Amboró Bolivia, Amboró National Park, 2009.jpg Santa Cruz Department 4,425 km2 (1,709 sq mi) 1973
Carrasco Cochabamba Department 622,600 ha (2,404 sq mi) 1991
Iñao Chuquisaca Department 2,630.9 km2 (1,016 sq mi) 2004
Isiboro Sécure Beni Department 1,372,180 ha (5,298 sq mi) 1965
Madidi Acantilados del río Madidi - Parque Nacional Madidi - La Paz - Bolivia.jpg La Paz Department 18,957.5 km2 (7,320 sq mi) 1995
Noel Kempff Mercado Cataratas Arcoiris Bolivia.png Santa Cruz Department 15,234 km2 (5,882 sq mi) 1979
Sajama Nevado Sajama.jpg Oruro Department 1,002 km2 (387 sq mi) 1939
Torotoro Potosí Department 165.7 km2 (64 sq mi)
Tunari Tunari 2011.jpg Cochabamba Department 309,091 ha (1,193 sq mi) 1978

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