Al-Qādisiyyah may refer to:

* Battle of al-Qādisiyyah, a decisive engagement between the Sāsānian Empire and the Arab-Muslim invaders "circa" 636 CE.
* Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, a province in southern Iraq, with a capital at Ad-Diwāniyyah
* Al-Qādisiyyah (city in Kuwait).
* Al-Qādisiyyah (historical city), the name of an historical city in southern Mesopotamia, along an important trade-route.
* Al-Qādisiyyah University (Iraq), an institute of higher education in ad-Dīwāniyyah, Iraq. ( [ website] ).
* Al-Qādisiyyah University (Jordan), educational institution located in `Ammān, Jordan. ( [ website] ).
* Al-Qadisiya Al Khubar, a Saudi Arabian football (soccer) team
* Al Qadisiya Kuwait, a Kuwaiti football (soccer) team

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