Year 1648 (MDCXLVIII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a leap year starting on Saturday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1648

January - June

* January 17 - England's Long Parliament passes the Vote of No Addresses, breaking off negotiations with King Charles I and thereby setting the scene for the second phase of the English Civil War.
* January 30 - The Dutch and the Spanish sign the Treaty of Munster, ending the Eighty Years' War. The Spanish Empire recognizes the Dutch Republic of United Netherlands as a sovereign state, (governed by the House of Orange-Nassau and the Estates General) which was before a province of the Spanish Empire.
* January - The Khmelnytsky Uprising in the Republic of Both Nations (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth).
* April 19 - The Portuguese army defeats the Dutch army in the north of Brazil.

July - December

* October 20 - The American Indian Battle of Tippycart is fought in the New World.
* October 24 - The Treaty of Westphalia ends the Thirty Years' War.
* November 11 - France and the Netherlands agree to divide the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.
* December 11 - Pride's Purge occurs in England, with elements of the New Model Army, under the leadership of Henry Ireton invading London and expelling a majority of the Long Parliament, resulting in the creation of the Rump Parliament.


* Mehmed IV (1648-1687) succeeds Ibrahim I (1640-1648) as Ottoman Emperor.
* Admiral Robert Blake defeats Prince Rupert and the remnants of the Royalist navy in the English Civil War.
* In India, building of the Red Fort is completed.
* Semyon Dezhnev discovers the Bering Strait between Asia and North America.
* The west bank of Prague (including the Prague Castle) is occupied and looted by Swedish armies.
* Sabbatai Zevi declares himself the Messiah at Smyrna.
* A major earthquake strikes Van, a town in Ottoman Armenia.
* French intervention ends.
* The Fronde begins.

Ongoing events

* English Civil War (1642-1649)
* Dutch-Portuguese War


* January 1 - Elkanah Settle, English writer (d. 1724)
* February 23 - Arabella Churchill, English mistress of James II of England (d. 1730)
* April 4 - Grinling Gibbons, Dutch-born woodcarver (d. 1721)
* April 7 - John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, English statesman and poet (d. 1721)
* April 9 - Henri de Massue, Marquis de Ruvigny, 1st Viscount Galway, French soldier and diplomat (d. 1720)
* April 13 - Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon, French mystic (d. 1717)
* April 26 - King Peter II of Portugal (d. 1712)
* August 9 - Johann Michael Bach, German composer (d. 1694)
* December 15 - Gregory King, English statistician (d. 1712)
* "date unknown" - Bhai Ghanaiya, Indian social worker, founder of modern-day Red Cross (d. 1718): "See also ."


* February 2 - George Abbot, English writer (b. c.1605)
* February 28 - Christian IV, King of Denmark and Norway (b. 1577)
* March 12 - Tirso de Molina, Spanish writer (b. 1571)
* March 14 - Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, English general (b. 1584)
* April 12 - Catharina Belgica of Nassau, regent of Hanau-Münzenberg (b. 1578)
* May 20 - King Wladislaus IV of Poland (b. 1595)
* May 26 - Vincent Voiture, French poet (b. 1597)
* August 12 - Ibrahim I, Ottoman Sultan (b. 1615)
* August 20 - Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury, English diplomat, poet, and philosopher (b. 1583)
* September 1 - Marin Mersenne, French mathematician (b. 1588)
* November 17 - Thomas Ford, English composer (b. c. 1580)

: "See also ."

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