AM, Am, or am may refer to:
* Master of Arts (postgraduate), ("Artium Magister") alternative abbreviation for a Master's degree in Arts
* Americium, a chemical element with symbol Am
* Arthur-Merlin protocol, an interactive proof system in computational complexity theory
* Automated Mathematician, an artificial intelligence program
* Attometre (am), a unit of length (equal to 10–18 m)
* Order of Australia member (postnominal)
* Accelerated Math in the US or Accelerated Maths in the UK

In engineering

* Advanced Manufacturing
* Avancier Method
* Application Management life cycle of computer application
* Amplitude modulation, the technique used for AM radio broadcasting

In medicine and psychology

* Adrenomedullin, a protein
* Autobiographical memory

In timekeeping

* "Ante Meridiem", in 12-hour clock notation, Latin for "before noon" (also written A.M., a.m., and am), in contrast to post meridiem (p.m., "after noon")
* "Anno Mundi", a Calendar era counting from the creation of the world
* "Anno Martyrum", used in the Coptic calendar

In communications

* "Away message", see status message (IM)
* "Above mentioned" in Internet slang
* Airmail
* AM broadcasting, radio broadcasting using amplitude modulation

In entertainment

* AM (ABC Radio), radio current affairs programme
* A.M. (musician), musician Andrew Moore
* A.M. (album), album by rock band Wilco
* AM (fictional computer), a fictional evil supercomputer in the short story "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream"
* A minor (Am), a minor chord in music
* American Morning, the morning news program on CNN
* A fictional petroleum company in

In geography

* Americas (as in Pan-Am and Trans-Am)
* Armenia (ISO country code AM)
* Anguilla (MARC country code am)
* Amazonas State, Brazil
* Amharic language (ISO 639-1 language code am)
* Amran Governorate, Yemen (ISO 3166-2:YE)

In sports

* Attacking midfielder in soccer

In transportation

* Aston Martin
* Aeroméxico (IATA airline designator)
* Asia Miles, a Cathay Pacific travel reward programme
* Arkansas and Missouri Railroad, a short-line railroad headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas
* A.M. (1906 automobile), an early French automobile

In the military

* Air Marshal, a military rank in the Royal Air Force and many Commonwealth air forces
* Air Medal, a military decoration
* Minesweeper (ship), U.S. Navy 1921 warship classification code
* Anti-materiel rifle, a weapon for use against material rather than combatants

In UK Politics

* Assembly Member of the National Assembly for Wales or London Assembly

In computing

* .am, the top-level domain for Armenia

In finance

* Asset Management Assets Management

ee also

* A&M
* AM2

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