Senior Counsel

Senior Counsel

The title of Senior Counsel (postnominal SC; 資深大律師 in Hong Kong [ [ Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region] [ (English)] ] ; 高级律师 in Singapore [ [ Translation Standardisation Committee for the Chinese Media, Singapore] ] or State Counsel is given to a senior barrister or advocate in some countries, especially in current or former Commonwealth countries or jurisdictions in which the British monarch is no longer head of state, such as Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. It replaces the title Queen's Counsel (or in times with a male sovereign, King's Counsel). Other jurisdictions have adopted similar titles such as "Senior Advocate" in India [ [ Supreme Court of India] ] and Nigeria (see Senior Advocate of Nigeria), and President's Counsel in Sri Lanka.

The rank of Senior Counsel has also been introduced in Australia and New Zealand. The title may even be introduced in the United Kingdom itself, the change of title reflecting appointment by the profession, rather than moves towards republicanism.

Senior Counsel may still, however, style themselves as "silks", like their British counterparts.


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