Portuguese Council of Ministers

Portuguese Council of Ministers

Portugal's Council of Ministers ( _pt. Conselho de Ministros, pron. IPA2|kõ'seʎu dɨ mi'niʃtɾuʃ or IPA| [kõ'sɐʎu dɨ mɨ'niʃtɾuʃ) is a collegial body presided over by the Prime Minister. All ministers are members of the council of ministers, and when the prime minister finds it fit, state secretaries can also attend its meetings.


The Council of Ministers discusses and approves bill to be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic and decrees and resolutions.

Current Council of Ministers

As of February 20 2007, the Council of Ministers consists of the following:

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* [http://www.governo.gov.pt/Portal/EN/ Government of Portugal Official Website]

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