Executive Council

Executive Council

Executive Council may refer to:

In politics:
* Executive Council of Bern, the government of the Swiss canton of Bern
* Executive Council of Vojvodina, the government of the Serbian province of Vojvodina
* Executive Council (Canada), a constitutional organ headed by the Lieutenant-Governor
* Executive Council (Commonwealth countries), a constitutional organ which exercises executive power and advises the governor
* Executive Council (Fiji), a form of government in Fiji
* Executive Council of Hong Kong, a council which advise and assist the Chieft Executive of Hong Kong.
* Executive Council of Macau, a council which advises and assists the Chief Executive of Macau
* Executive Council of New Hampshire, the Executive body of the U.S. state of New Hampshire
* Executive Council of New South Wales, the body which exercises the supreme executive authority in New South Wales
* Executive Council of New Zealand, the body which serves the functions of the Cabinet in New Zealand
* Executive Council of the African Union, a council of ministers designated by the governments of member countries
* Federal Executive Council, the formal body holding executive authority under the Australian Constitution

In other fields:

* Alberta College and Technical Institute Student Executive Council, a coalition of college and technical institute students' associations
* Stock Exchange Executive Council, a financial regulation council in the People's Republic of China

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