Qi (state)

Qi (state)

Qi (; pinyin: Qí) was a powerful state during the Spring and Autumn Period and Period of the Warring States. Its capital was Linzi, which is part of the present city of Zibo in Shandong Province.

Qi was founded around 1046 B.C. as one of the many states of the Zhou Dynasty. The first ruler appointed for Qi is Jiang Shang, the most powerful official during that time. The Jiang family ruled Qi for several centuries before it was replaced by the Tian family in 384 BC. In 221 BC, Qi was the last state of pre-Imperial China to be conquered by the State of Qin, the final obstacle which allowed the Qin Dynasty to consolidate the first centralized and imperial empire over China.

Rulers of Qi

House of Jiang (姜)

*Jiang Shang, Duke Tai of Qi
*Lüji, Duke Ding of Qi
*Duke Yi of Qi
*Cimu, Duke Gui of Qi
*Duke Ai of Qi
*Jing, Duke Hu of Qi
*Shan, Duke Xian of Qi
*Shou, Duke Wu of Qi
*Wuji, Duke Li of Qi
*Chi, Duke Wen of Qi
*Shuo, Duke Cheng of Qi
*Shu, Duke Zhuang of Qi
*Lufu, Duke Xi of Qi
*Zhu'er, Duke Xiang of Qi
*Xiaobai, Duke Huan of Qi
*Zhao, Duke Xiao of Qi
*Pan, Duke Zhao of Qi
*Shangren, Duke Yi of Qi
*Yuan, Duke Hui of Qi
*Wuye, Duke Qin of Qi
*Huan, Duke Ling of Qi
*Guang, Duke Zhuang of Qi
*Chujiu, Duke Jing of Qi
*Tu, Yan Ruzi
*Yangsheng, Duke Dao of Qi
*Ren, Duke Jian of Qi
*Ao, Duke Ping of Qi
*Ji, Duke Xuan of Qi
*Dai, Duke Kang of Qi

House of Tian(田)

ubjects of House of Jiang

*Tian Wan, Jing Zhong of Tian
*Tian Zhi
*Tian Min
*Xuwu, Viscount Wen of Tian
*Wuyu, Viscount Huan of Tian
*Kai, Viscount Wu of Tian
*Qi, Viscount Xi of Tian
*Chang, Viscount Chang of Tian
*Pan, Viscount Xiang of Tian
*Bai, Viscount Zhuang of Tian
*Viscount Dao of Tian
*He, Duke Tai of Tian, recognized as Duke of Qi by King of Zhou

Replaced House of Jiang

*He, Duke Tai of Tian
*Wu, Duke Huan of Qi
*Yinqi, King Wei of Qi
*Pijiang, King Xuan of Qi (319 BC–300 BC)
*Di, King Min of Qi, "Emperor of the East" (300 BC–283 BC)
*Fazhang, King Xiang of Qi
*Jian, King of Qi

ee also

* Duke Huan of Qi
* Guan Zhong
* Sun Bin

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