Inventory (disambiguation)

Inventory (disambiguation)

Inventory is a list of goods and materials held available in stock by a business.

Inventory may also refer to:

* Moral inventory. in the course of twelve-step programs, members often speak of taking an "inventory". Much like an inventory of goods and services detailed here, it consists of a virtual balance-sheet of attributes, a self-examination. It might list such things as resentment, fears, sexual conduct, thankfulness, humility, acceptance, trust, forgiveness, and restitution. Addicts use these inventories as a moral compass and guide for their stage in recovery.
* Computer systems use "inventories" internally:
** Hardware inventories list available components or parts of a system, by analogy to the use of inventories in industry
** Software inventories comprise available code, not necessarily used
** Data inventories resemble repositories
* In gaming, "inventory" refers to item storage available to a player or character
* Inventory (artists), a group of British artists

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