List of Mauritians

List of Mauritians

This is a short list of prominent people from Mauritius.


* Ariranga Govindasamy Pillay (1945- ), chief justice
* Emmanuel Jean Leung Shing, Former Attorney General of Mauritius

Political figures

* Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (1900-1985), first Prime Minister, former Governor-General and the founding father of independent Mauritius
* Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam (1947- ), prime minister
* Charles Gaetan Xavier-Luc Duval (1958- ), Vice-Prime Minister, Leader of PMXD, politician and chartered accountant.
* Abdool Razack Mohamed (1906-1978), one of the three founding fathers of independent Mauritius.
* Cassam Uteem (1941- ), former president
* Emmanuel Anquetil, politician
* Paul Raymond Bérenger (1945- ), former prime minister (2003-2005)
* Sookdeo Bissoondoyal (1908-1977), politician and one of the three founding fathers of independent Mauritius.
* Maurice Curé, politician
* Sir Charles Gaëtan Duval (1930-1996), politician, foreign minister for Mauritius from 1969 to 1973, knighted 1981
* Serge Clair (1940- ), leader of Rodrigues
* Maurice Lesage, politician, Leader of the Opposition from 1970 to 1973
* Moneshwar Hurry (1933-1998), Permanent Secretary for Education (1976-1980)
* Sir Anerood Jugnauth (1930- ), president
* Pravind Kumar Jugnauth (1961- ), former deputy prime minister
* Nicolas von Mally, politician
* Karl Offmann (1940- ), former president
* Prega Ramsamy, politician
* Veerasamy Ringadoo (1920-2000), former president
* Claude Wong So, politician of Rodrigues
* Ramakrishna Sithanen (1954- ), Deputy Prime Minister
* Jean Daniel Spéville, Politician
* Cehl Mohamed Fakeemeah, Politician
* Jaya Krishna Cuttaree diplomat
* Madun Dulloo diplomat
* Sandragassen (Bam) Cuttayen [] , politician

Government Ministers and Governors General

* Marie Claude Arouff-Parfait, Government Minister
* Shielabai Bappoo, Government Minister
* Radhamanay Roonoosarny, Government Minister
* France Maria Roussetry, Government Minister
* Indira Savitree Thacoor Sidaya, Government Minister
* Félicité France, Government Minister
* Marie-Thérese Joceline Minerve, Government Minister
* Chandrika Moruba, Government Minister
* Monique Agnes Ohsan-Bellpeau, Government Minister
* Anne-Marie Danielle Perrier, Government Minister
* Sir Dayendranath Burrechobay, Former Governor-General of Mauritius
* Satcam Boolell, Government Minister
* Vasant Bunwaree, Government Minister
* Anyl Kumarsingh Gayan, Government Minister
* Kailash Purryag, Government Minister
* Rajeswur Purryag, Government Minister
* France Maria Roussetry, Government Minister
* Sir Abdool Raman Osman first governor-general

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

* Rafick Moussa Omarjee, Businessman/Entrepreneur
* Salim Haroon Owadally, Businessman
* D.Maraye, Chief Executive of Glamis Business School
* Gerard Sampseur, Businessman
* S.A.Salik Khodabocus, Businessman/Entrepreneur
* G. Subrinathan, Businessman
* Azad Jeethun, Businessman

Scientists and technologists

* Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard (1817-1894), neurologist, phyologist
* Julien François Desjardins (1799–1840), zoologist [ [;pkey=Desjardins%2C%20J.%20F. The Darwin Correspondence Online Database] - retrieved 8 January 2007]
* Professor Indurlall Fagoonee (1950- ), marine scientist, Professor of Environmental Science, Vice Chancellor of the University of Mauritius since 2005. Chairman of the Mauritius Oceanographic Institute, Chairman COMESA Regional Investment Agency , UN Commissioner on Legal Continental Shelf.
* Professor Goolam TG Mohamedbhai, Professor of Civil Engineering, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius since August 1995. Was a member of the UNESCO Regional Advisory Committee on Higher Education in Africa (1988-92), the UNESCO Advisory Committee on Regional Co-operation in Education in Africa (1994-96) and of the Council of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (1997-2000) [ [] - retrieved 8 January 2007]
* France Staub (1920—2005), ornithologist and conservationist
* Jean M. Bosser, botanist
* Joseph Guého, botanist

Philanthropists and Social activists

* Dookhee Gungah, philanthropist, social worker, entrepreneur
* Shirin Ameeruddy-Cziffra, human rights activist
* Habibullah Hayatoolah, social worker and advocate of Urdu language.
* Loga Virahsawmy,gender activist, journalist

Religious figures

* Cardinal Jean Margéot (1916- ), Catholic clergyman [ [ The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church - Biographies - M ] ]
* Maurice Piat C.S.Sp, Bishop of Port Louis, Mauritius
* Father Jacques-Désiré Laval (1803-1864), also known locally as Pere Laval, Catholic priest, beatified in Rome on 29 April 1979. Powers for miraculous healing are attributed to him. He was called the apostle of the blacks.

Authors and writers

* Jean Fanchette, playwright and novelist
* Lindsey Collen, author
* Malcolm de Chazal (1902-1981), author
* Carl de Souza, author
* Ananda Devi, author
* Bertrand de Robillard,author,novelist
* Nathacha Devi Appanah, author,journalist
* Abdool Hamid Ramjeet, writer, retired Colonel, retired School Inspector
* Dev Virahsawmy, writer, linguist
* Harrikrisna Anenden, Writer
* Yusuf Kadel, writer
* Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, writer
* Martine Maurel, writer (Globetrotter series)
* Khal Torabully
* Valayden Gaston, Author, Director, Actor
* Marie-Thérèse Humbert, writer
* Prof. Soodursun Jugessur, Chancellor University of Mauritius, social thinker, writer [ ]


* Ashley Purmessory, Interior designer
* Jean-Lou Désiré, Graphic designer
* Patrice Hoffman, Graphic designer
* Nazeem Junggee, Graphic designer
* Gerald Victoire, Graphic designer
* Jean Francois Col, Graphic designer
* Zaid Timol, Graphic designer
* Thierry Marechal, Graphic designer
* Michael Lee, Graphic designer


* Léoville Lhomme, Poet
* Robert-Edward Hart (1891-1951), Poet
* Edouard Maunick, Poet
* Lilian Berthelot, Poet
* Marcel Cabon, journalist and poet
* Raymond Chasle, Poet

Music and other arts

* Hugh Lennon, International Stage Hypnotist, born in Mauritius
* Menwar Lelou, song writer/composer, singer and musician
* Roger Charoux, painter
* Marcel Lagesse, painter
* Sandra Decotter, disco singer
* Nicolas Lam-Hing, musician
* Vaco Baissac, artist
* Firoz Ghanty, artist
* Joseph Reginald Topize (mostly known as Kaya), musician
* Bruno Malcolm, musician
* Sandra Mayotte, sega vocalist
* Jean Claude Gaspard, sega composer and vocalist
* Ernest Wiehe, Jazz musician -alto saxophone,arranger,composer,teacher
* Dharmadeo Nirmal Hurry, sculptor
* Laval Ng, artist
* Phillipe Ohsan,former police band master, musician,composer and teacher
* Serge Lebrasse, musician
* Cassiyya, musical group
* Louis-Gabriel Joseph (mostly known as Fanfan), Musician
* Gangsta Beach, Musical Group
* Groupe Abaim, Musical Group
* Les Vautours, Musical Group
* Emillien, Musician
* Kana, Musician
* Carino, Musician
* Geneviève Bonieux, painter and sculptor
* Jane David, dancer and choreographer
* Sandhya Mungur, dancer and choreographer
* Kamal Nandkishore, dancer and choreographer
* Anna Patten, dancer and choreographer
* Valérie Rajaram, dancer
* Jean-Renat Anamah, dancer
* Christian Rouget, dancer
* Henry Coombes, painter, graphic artist and gallery owner
* Pierre Argo, artist
* Serge Constantin, painter
* Les Windblows, musical group
* Khalid Nazroo, painter
* Yves Pitchen, photographer
* Tristan Bréville, photographer
* Dhyaneswar Dausoa, sculptor
* Rajesh Goonraz, actor/Director/Singer
* Marcelino Chaton, sega composer
* Francis Thomé, composer
* Wendy Simiette, Vocalist
* Linley Marthe, musician
* Françoise Robin, artist
* Cyril Ramdoo, musician
* Cyril Labonne, musician
* Phillipe Thomas, jazz musician, trumpeteer
* Alain Permal, musician
* Josee Clancy, musician
* Jacques Cantin, vocalist
* Cassamboo, Musician
* Tian, Musician
* Seeyam Brijmohun, Artist, Writer
* Jean Alphonse Ravaton (mostly known as Ti Frère), musician
* Claudio, Musician
* Vollard Combo, Musician
* Yela, Musician
* Sylvio Lynx, Musician
* Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, of the band Incognito - born in Mauritius
* Kushal Gaya, musician


* Ackbar Patel, Captain of Mauritius Football Team
* Johan Martmitte, Mauritian Football Player
* Stephan E'enfle, Mauritian Football Player
* Giovany Jeannot, Mauritian Football Player
* Jimmy Cundasani, Mauritian Football Player
* Giovany Jeannot, Mauritian Football Player []
* Désiré Periatambee, Football Player for France
* Gavin Heeroo, Ex-Football Player for Crystal Palace []
* Christopher Perle, Football Player for Germany
* Jerry Louis, Football Player for France
* Yehya Bundhun, athlete
* Dominic John Rebelo, athlete
* Eric Milazar, athlete
* Fernando Augustin, athlete
* Arnaud Casquette, athlete
* Jonathan Chimier, athlete
* Caroline Fournier, athlete
* Denis Constantin, athlete
* Edouard Clarisse, athlete
* Amrita Sawaram, athlete
* Kim Lee Chong, Soccer Referee
* Marie-Helene Valerie Pierre, athlete
* Stephan Beeharry, athlete
* Riaz Durgahed, boxer
* Giovanni Michael Frontin, boxer
* Michael Macaque, boxer
* David Li Yuen Fong, Karateka (world champion 2001)
* Karen Foo Kune, Badminton Champion, Sportswoman of the Year 2004
* Vikash Dhorasoo, Mauritian-French football player


* Guy Felix, chef
* Lalita Sookhee, chef
* Philippe Lenoir, chef
* Raymond de Ravel, chef
* Madeleine Philippe, chef
* Zubeida Randera, chef
* Jacqueline Dalais, chef


* Rav Wilding, British TV presenter/Trained Police Officer, (Half Mauritan)
* Amar Bheenick, Director, OCRA (Mauritius)
* Assad Anathallee, International Space University SSP'06, Space Science
* Marie Arianne Navarre-Marie, civil servant
* Abdool Jeelany Khodabocus, director
* Dev Manraj, former Financial Secretary
* Laure Pillay Narrainen, potter and sailor
* Nawaz Peer Ahmud, Human Resource Consultant
* Sobhanund Seeparsad, Journalist, Editor and Folklorist
* Vinesh Hookumsing, linguist
* Tejshree Auckle, linguist
* Javed Bolah, journalist
* Jean-Luc Emile, journalist at [ Radio Plus]
* Nash Mallam-Hasham, Former Managing Director of Air Mauritius
* Dan Maraye, Civil Servant
* Lee Gregory Albert, Author, purveyor of fine pottery, Pioneer of the consumist movement
* Eric Philippe Jansou, Sega Vocalist, botanist, metalurgist, amateur film critic
* Gaetan Noyeaux, poet, entrepreneur, political activist
* Melissa Lai-Ho-Tong, social activist
* Yannick Gael Joseph Cornet, Founder of IRCMRU (which is about social networking and IRC in Mauritius)


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