Zeno is a Greek name derived from the more ancient variant Zenon. The word may refer to any of the following:



* Zeno of Elea (c.490–c.430 BC), philosopher, follower of Parmenides, famed for his "paradoxes".
* Zeno of Citium (333 BC - 264 BC), founder of the Stoic school of philosophy
* Zeno of Tarsus (200s BC), Stoic philosopher
* Zeno of Sidon (1st century BC), Epicurean philosopher

Other people

* Zeno of Verona (4th century AD), saint
* Zeno (emperor) (c. 425–491 AD), Byzantine ruler
* The Zeno brothers (14th century AD), Nicolo and Antonio, Venetian navigators
* Apostolo Zeno (18th century), poet and librettist for opera

Other uses

* Zeno, ancient name for the village of Akköse‎
* Zeno's paradoxes, paradoxes by Zeno of Elea
* Zeno machine, a hypothetical computational model
* Zeno (crater), a lunar impact crater, named for Zeno of Citium
* Zeno Cosini, the protagonist of Italo Svevo's novel "La Coscienza di Zeno"
* Zeno programming language, an imperative procedural programming language designed to be easy to learn and user friendly
* Zeno-Watch Basel, a Swiss clockmaker company specialised in aviation watches
* Quantum Zeno effect, an effect in quantum mechanics which disallows certain conditions in the decaying of a quantum state
* Zeno (acne treatment), a handheld acne-treating device
* Zeno's Pub, a notable bar with a beer 'passport' in State College, PA.
* Zeno (band), a German hard rock band formed by Zeno Roth
** also the title of their first album

In Modern Fiction
*Zeno and Dufort- A demon that uses spells in the anime Zatch Bell.
* Zeno (Demon), a fictional demon from webcomic "Charby the Vampirate"

See also

* Xenon
* Xeno
* Zenon

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