Treriksröset (in Swedish), Treriksrøysa (Norwegian), Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki (Finnish) is the point at which the borders of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. This tripoint is located approximately at coord|69|03|36|N|20|32|50|E|. The name can be translated as three-country cairn, and is named for the monument of stones erected in 1897 by the governments of Norway and Russia (administering Finland at the time). The Swedish could not agree on a boundary commission with the Norwegians and did not contribute their stone until 1901. It is Sweden's most northerly point (69° 4' N) and the westernmost point of the Finnish mainland.

The tripoint monument itself is a huge, yellow-painted dome-shaped stone made of concrete, located about ten metres out in Lake Goldajärvi (aka Koltajauri). The monument was built in 1926.

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