Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest
Member station HRT
National selection events Dora
Appearances 19
First appearance 1993
Best result 4th: 1996, 1999
Worst result SF 16th: 2007
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Kraljevi ulice and 75 cents at Belgrade (2008)
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Croatia has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 18 times, participating every year since their debut in 1993. Together with Sweden and Malta, and the 5 countries that are for financial reasons entitled to take part every year, Croatia is one of the few countries that has not missed a contest since 1993, when the lowest scorers each year got relegated. It is also only one of two countries, along with Spain (excluding recent debut countries) that has not missed a participation since their debut.

The Croatian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest is selected at the pop festival called Dora, an annual event organized by the national public broadcaster Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT).


History of Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Croatia had previously been represented at Eurovision between 1961 and 1991 in the form of Yugoslavia. Croatia was the most successful republic of Yugoslavia at Eurovision, with 13 of the 26 Yugoslav entries being Croatian, and Yugoslavia's only winner, Riva with "Rock Me" in 1989, being Croatian. The Eurovision Song Contest 1990 was held in Zagreb as a result.

After the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991, Croatia took part as an independent nation for the first time in 1993. The Croatian national public broadcaster, Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT), had organised a festival to select a Croatian representative for the 1992 Contest. Had HRT been a member of the EBU in time for the contest, the first Croatian entry at Eurovision would have been the band Magazin with "Aleluja".[1]

Croatia's first entry was in 1993. The country was represented by the band Put, with the song "Don't Ever Cry" which was, despite the English title, performed in Croatian. The song came third in the "Qualification for Millstreet", thus enabling the participation in the contest. Croatia's best position, as of 2010, has been 4th, having achieved this position in 1996, when Maja Blagdan represented Croatia with "Sveta ljubav", and in 1999, when Doris Dragović sang "Marija Magdalena".

Famous Croatian singer Tereza Kesovija represented Monaco at the Eurovision Song Contest 1966 and the famous Croatian group Feminnem represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with "Call me".

In 2000s, Croatia has only once qualified in the top 10, in 2002. Croatia has failed to qualify in recent contests, most notably in 2007 with Dado Topić, which is also the worst Croatian result on the ESC, but also in 2010 and 2011.


Year Artist Title Final Points Semi Points
1993 Put "Don't Ever Cry" 15 33 X X
1994 Tony Cetinski "Nek' ti bude ljubav sva" 16 27 X X
1995 Magazin & Lidija "Nostalgija" 6 91 X X
1996 Maja Blagdan "Sveta ljubav" 4 98 X X
1997 E.N.I. "Probudi me" 17 24 X X
1998 Danijela "Neka mi ne svane" 5 131 X X
1999 Doris Dragović "Marija Magdalena" 4 118 X X
2000 Goran Karan "Kad zaspu anđeli" 9 70 X X
2001 Vanna "Strings of My Heart" 10 42 X X
2002 Vesna Pisarović "Everything I Want" 11 44 X X
2003 Claudia Beni "Više nisam tvoja" 15 29 X X
2004 Ivan Mikulić "You Are The Only One" 12 50 9 72
2005 Boris Novković feat. Lado "Vukovi umiru sami" 11 115 4 169
2006 Severina "Moja štikla" 12 56 X X
2007 Dragonfly feat. Dado Topić "Vjerujem u ljubav" X X 16 54
2008 Kraljevi ulice & 75 Cents "Romanca" 21 44 3 112
2009 Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea "Lijepa Tena" 18 45 *13 33
2010 Feminnem "Lako je sve" X X 13 33
2011 Daria "Celebrate" X X 15 41
  • In 2009, Croatia qualified through the back-up jury selection.

Voting history (1993-2011)

Croatia has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1  Bosnia and Herzegovina 134
2  Malta 82
3  Slovenia 64
=  United Kingdom 64
5  Macedonia 49

Croatia has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1  Slovenia 105
2  Bosnia and Herzegovina 101
3  Malta 62
4  Macedonia 56
5  Turkey 50

NOTE: The totals in the above tables include only points awarded in Eurovision finals, and not the semi-finals since 2004.


Year Location Venue Presenter
1990* Socialist Republic of Croatia Zagreb Koncertna dvorana Vatroslav Lisinski, Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFRY Helga Vlahović and Oliver Mlakar

*As Socialist Republic of Croatia (Yugoslavia)


Year(s) Commentators
1961-1964* Gordana Bonetti
1965-1969* Mladen Delić
1970-1989 Oliver Mlakar
1990-1991* Branko Uvodić
1993-2000 Aleksandar "Aco" Kostadinov
2001-2002 Ante Batinović
2003 Danijela Trbović
2004-2005 Aleksandar "Aco" Kostadinov
2006-current Duško Čurlić

*Competed as Yugoslavia between 1961 and 1991


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