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Origin = Manchester, England
Genre = Post-punk Alternative dance House music
Years_active = 1977 - present
Label = Factory/A&M -UK
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URL = http://www.acrmcr.com/
Current_members = Jeremy Kerr
Martin Moscrop
Donald Johnson
Tony Quigley
Liam Mullan
Past_members = Peter Terrell
Simon Topping
Martha Tilson
Andy Connell
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A Certain Ratio are a Post-punk band formed in 1977 in Manchester, England. While originally part of the punk rock movement, they soon added funk and dance elements to their sound. The band's name is taken from the lyrics of Brian Eno's song "The True Wheel" (from the album "Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)", which in turn were taken from a quote from Hitler on the proportion of 'Jewish blood' that was required to determine whether someone was to be classified as 'Jewish'. There is some dispute as to whether the band were aware of the original meaning of the phrase.

The group's longest serving members have been Martin Moscrop (guitar, trumpet) and Jeremy Kerr (bass, vocals). Another current member, Donald Johnson (drums, vocals), joined early to replace a drum machine. Three original members have left the band - singers Martha Tilson (left in 1982) and Simon Topping (left in 1983 for Quando Quango and, later, T-Coy), plus guitarist Peter Terrell, who left in 1982. Keyboardist Andy Connell who joined in 1982 left to form Swing Out Sister in 1985.

The band's exploration of rhythm fusing funk, disco, punk and Latin has had a resurgence in the last few years and their influence can be heard in bands such as The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem. In 2002 Soul Jazz Records started a program of reissues of ACR's albums and difficult to find tracks. Further re-issues and a live recording from 1980 have also been made available on the LTM label.

Although the band does not play full time, they continue writing, recording, and performing.

A Certain Ratio started their career on Factory Records, managed by Tony Wilson. They are featured in the film "24 Hour Party People" where Tony Wilson (played by Steve Coogan) calls them "Joy Division but better dressed." Martin Moscrop was Musical Supervisor of "24 Hour Party People".

Simon Topping appeared on stage with Joy Division - filling in for an indisposed Ian Curtis - at a concert in Bury's Derby Hall on April 8 1980 which ended in a riot (featured in the Anton Corbijn film "Control"). This concert took place a few weeks before Curtis' suicide.



* "The Graveyard and the Ballroom" (1980) - FACT 16 [Cassette]
* "To Each..." (1981) - FACT 35
* "Sextet" (1982) - FACT 55
* "I'd Like To See You Again" (1982) - FACT 65
* "Force" (1986) - FACT 166
* "Good Together" (1989) - A&M ACR 550
* "acr:mcr" (1990)
* "Up In Downsville" (1992) - ROB20
* "Change The Station" (1997) - ROB50


* "All Night Party / The Thin Boys" 7" - FAC 5
* "Flight / Blown Away / And Then Again" 12" - FAC 22
* "The Double 12" (12" 2 x 12", 7 tracks) - FACT 42
* "Waterline / Funaezekea" 12" - FAC 52
* "Knife Slits Water / Tumba Rumba" 7" - FAC 62-7
* "Knife Slits Water / Kether Hot Knives" 12" - FAC 62-12
* "I Need Someone Tonight / Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" 12" - FAC 72-12 (Also promo 7" FAC 72/7)
* "Life's A Scream / There's Only This" 12" - FAC 112
* "Life's A Scream (Edit) / There's Only This (Edit)" 7" - FAC 112P
* "Wild Party / Sounds Like Something Dirty" 12" - FAC 128
* "Mickey Way (The Candy Bar) / Inside / Si Firmi O Grido" 12" - FAC 168
* "Bootsy / Inside" 7" (Australian only) - FAC 1667
* "Bootsy (Remix) / Mickey Way" 12" (Australian only) - FAC 16612 [http://www.vinylnet.co.uk/record-label-discographies.asp link]

Compilations & live albums

* "A Certain Ratio Live in America" (Live Album, 1985) - DOJO 47 (Castle Communications)
* "The Old and the New" (Singles Compilation, 1986) - FACT 135
* "Looking for a Certain Ratio" (Remixes, 1994) - CRE159B
* "Early" (2002) - SJR60 (Soul Jazz Records)
* "Live In Groningen" (2005) - LTM 2443 [ [http://home.dialix.com/~u3336/factory/acr.html A Certain Ratio (ACR) Discography &amp Info ] ]


External links

* [http://www.acrmcr.com/ Official website]
* [http://www.cerysmaticfactory.info/acr.html A Certain Ratio @ Cerysmatic Factory]
* [http://absolutzine.com/columnas/a-certain-ratio History of A Certain Ratio in Spanish]

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