Wetarese language

Wetarese language

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Wetarese is the language of Wetar, an island in the south Moluccas, Indonesia, as well as the nearby islands Liran and Atauro, the latter belonging to East Timor.

On Atauro, there are three dialects of Wetarese spoken, Rahesuk in the north, Resuk in the southeast, and Raklungu in the southwest. A fourth dialect, Dadu'a, is spoekn by the descendants of a group of Ataurans who moved to Timor, in the villages of Manatuto.

The language is closely related to Galoli, spoken on Timor on the north coast near Atauro. However, Wetarese has been more influenced by Malay.

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* [http://www.asianlang.mq.edu.au/INL/langs.html Survey of languages of East Timor]
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