Transport in Serbia

Transport in Serbia

Serbia, and in particular the valley of Morava is often described as "the crossroad between the East and the West", which is one of primary reasons for its turbulent history. The valley is by far the easiest way of land travel from continental Europe to Greece and Asia Minor.


"total:"3,800 km (2006 est.)
"standard gauge:"(1435 mm) 3,800 km (2006 est.) (1,364 km electrified, 2002)
"narrow gauge:"Some narrow gauge railways are being reinstated for touristic purposes

Railway links with adjacent countries


* Bosnia and Herzegovina - yes
* Bulgaria - yes
* Croatia - yes
* Hungary - yes
* Republic of Macedonia - yes
* Montenegro - yes
* Romania - yes


* Italy - yes
* Greece - yes
* Turkey - yes
* Germany - yes
* Switzerland - yes
* Slovenia - yes
* Russia - yes
* Austria- yes
* Albania - no
* Ukraine - yes

Roads and highways

The following European routes pass through the country:
** section between Slavonski Brod and Belgrade is a modern highway
** most of it is a modern highway or at least semi-highway
* In addition:
* on to Bijelo Polje
* to Niš
* , Priština

"total:"37,937 km (2002)
"paved:"23,937 km (2002) (including 560 km of expressways)
"unpaved:"13,950 km (2002)

Water transport

Water transport is conducted mostly on the Danube and Sava rivers.

The total length of waterways is 587 km (2005).

Ports on the Danube:
* Belgrade
* Novi Sad
* Pančevo
* Smederevo

Ports on the Sava:
* Sabac
* Belgrade


* natural gas: 3,177 km (2004)
* oil: 393 km (2004)

Air transport

Five of them are large enough to be listed with IATA Airport Codes:

* Belgrade Nikola Tesla - BEG
* Belgrade Batajnica - BJY
* Niš Constantine the Great Airport - INI
* Užice-Ponikve - UZC

There are also 4 heliports (2002 data).

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