Study in Consciousness

Study in Consciousness

Study in Consciousness is a book by Annie Besant that was written in ca. 1907.

Besant intended this book to be a contribution to the science of psychology.

She writes that the seed of consciousness is the tri-atomic Atma-Buddhi-Manas, the Jivatma.

The Super-consciousness includes the whole of the consciousness above the waking-consciousness, like dreams, visions, inspirations, etc. To bring the super-consciousness into manifestation on the physical plane, Besant proposes (in the early stages) to render the brain and sense-organs unresponsive to physical impacts and to induce Trance. This can be done by using the methods of Yogis. But she also says that there is a difference between the super-physical con­ditions of consciousness in the hypnotised subject and in the Yogi.

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