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mission_name = STS-127
insignia = Shuttle_Patch.svg
shuttle = Endeavour
launch_pad = LC-39A
launch = May 15, 2009 [ [ NASA - NASA Sets Launch Dates for Remaining Space Shuttle Missions ] ] Cite web|url=|title=NASA revises shuttle manifest]
landing = TBD, 2009
duration = 15 days
orbits = TBD
altitude = 122 nautical miles (225 km)
inclination = 51.6 degrees
distance = TBD
crew_photo =
crew_caption =
previous = STS-119
next = STS-128

STS-127 is a Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS) which will launch no earlier than May 15, 2009. It is expected to use Space Shuttle "Endeavour". Its primary purpose is to deliver and install the final two components of the Japanese Experiment Module: the Exposed Facility (JEM EF) and the Exposed Section of the Experiment Logistics Module (ELM-ES). This will be ISS assembly flight "2J/A". After STS-127, "Endeavour" is scheduled to fly next on STS-130.


On February 11, 2008, NASA announced the official crew for STS-127.Cite web| url=|title=NASA Assigns Crews for STS-127 and Expedition 19 Missions |accessyear=2008|accessmonthday=February 11| publisher=NASA| year=2008| author=NASA]

*Mark L. Polansky (3) - Commander
*Douglas G. Hurley (1) - Pilot
*Christopher J. Cassidy (1) - Mission Specialist
*Thomas H. Marshburn (1) - Mission Specialist
*David A. Wolf (4) - Mission Specialist
*Julie Payette (2) - Mission Specialist - CSACite web| url=|title=Canadian astronauts Julie Payette and Robert Thirsk to go on space missions in 2009 |accessyear=2008|accessmonthday=February 11| publisher=CSA| year=2008| author=CSA]

* Number in parentheses indicates number of spaceflights by each individual prior to, and "including" this mission.

Launching ISS Expedition 19 Crew:

*Timothy Kopra (1) - Flight Engineer - NASA

Landing ISS Expedition 18 Crew:

*Koichi Wakata (3) - Flight Engineer - JAXA

Mission parameters

* Mass: TBD
* Perigee: TBD
* Apogee: TBD
* Inclination: 51.6 degrees
* Period: TBD

Mission payload

*Kibo Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility (JEM EF) [ Consolidated Launch Manifest]
*Kibo Japanese Experiment Logistics Module - Exposed Section (ELM-ES). Once its payloads are transferred to the JEM EF, the ELM-ES will be returned to the payload bay.
*Spacelab Pallet - Deployable 2 (SLP-D2)
*Integrated Cargo Carrier-Vertical Light Deployable (ICC-VLD) containing:
**Six new batteries for installation on the P6 truss. The old batteries will be placed on the ICC-VLD for return to Earth.
**LDU (Linear Drive Unit), PM-2 (Pump Module-2), and the SGANT (Space to Ground Antennae) - all of which will be transferred to ESP-3 (External Stowage Platform-3) during an EVA.

Mission background


Mission timeline

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External links

* [ NASA Shuttle site]

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