Seven Treasuries

Seven Treasuries

The Seven Treasuries are a collection of seven works, some with auto-commentaries, by the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Longchenpa.

Texts of the Seven Treasures

*Yizhin Dzö (yid bzhin mdzod), Treasury of Wish-fulfillment, and its prose commentary, the Pema Karpo (padma dkar po) or White Lotus
*Drubta Dzö (grub mtha' mdzod), Treasury of Philosophical Tenets, belonging to the genre of tenets literature.
*Mengag Dzö (man ngag mdzod) - Treasury of Secret Instructions, classified by Longchenpa as 'path with result' (lamdre (lam bras))
*Chöying Dzö (chos dbyings mdzod), Treasury of the Dharmadhatu, with its prose commentary the Lungi Terdzö (lung gi gter mdzod)
* Nelug Dzö (gnas lugs mdzod), Treasury of the Natural State, with its prose commentary the Desum Nyingpo (sde gsum snying po)
* Tegchö Dzö (theg mchog mdzod), Treasury of the Sublime Vehicle, a commentary on the Seventeen Tantras of the Menngagde division of Atiyoga.
* Tsigdön Dzö (tshigs don mdzod), Treasury of Word and Meaning, a survey of the Dzogchen philosophy in a series of eleven topics.

Of the seven, the following have been translated into English:

*"The Precious Treasury of the Way of Abiding", (Treasury of the Natural State), translated by Richard Barron, Padma Publishing
*"The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena", (Treasury of the Dharmadhatu), translated by Richard Barron, Padma Publishing, 2001
**"A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission" (autocommentary on Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena), translated by Richard Barron, Padma Publishing, 2001
*"The Precious Treasury of Philosophical Systems", translated by Richard Barron, Padma Publishing, 2007
*"The Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions" (Treasury of Secret Instructions), translated by Richard Barron, Padma Publishing, 2007


* Gangtok, Sikkim: Dodrup Chen Rinpoche, c. 1968. (The complete set of printing blocks for this edition are now held at the National Library of Bhutan and re-printed from time to time on Bhutanese paper).

* Gangtok, Sikkim: Lama Dawa & Sherab Gyaltsen, 1983. Reprod. from prints from the Sde-dge blocks belonging to Lopon Sonam Sangpo.

* Gangtok, Sikkim, 1986. Reprint of Dodrup Chen Rinpoche ed.

* Lumbini : Lumbini Internat. Research Inst., 2000. The oldest block print of Klong-chen Rab-'byams-pa's Theg mchog mdzod : facsimile edition of early Tibetan block prints ; with an introduction / by Franz-Karl Ehrhard. (Vol. 2 of Early Buddhist Block Prints from Mang-yul Gung-thang.)


External References

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