Binary and

Binary and

If two conditions are combined by "and", they must both be true for the compound condition to be true as well.

Likewise, two bits may be combined with "and":

x y x AND y
0 0 0
0 1 0
1 0 0
1 1 1

I.e. the result is 1, if both x and y are 1, and 0 otherwise. If 0 is equated with "false", and 1 with "true" the "bit and" operation works like our "logical and".

"Binary and" can work on binary numbers of any size, the numbers are simply "and"ed digit by digit. For example:

x: 10001101 y: 01010111 x AND y: 00000101

(Only in the first, and third column from the right, both operands had 1 digits.)

"and" is often called "masking", because y can be seen as a mask which is transparent (1) in some places (x will shine through), and black (0) in others (x will be blocked).

ee also

*Bitwise operation
*Logical conjunction

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