The Firm (TV series)

The Firm (TV series)

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caption = Do They Have What It Takes?
genre = Reality
creator = Anne Low, Ng Ping Ho
director = Ng Ping Ho
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starring = Peter Pek , Chan Boon Yong, Zafrul Aziz
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country = Flagicon|Malaysia Malaysia
language = English, with subtitles in Bahasa Malaysia
num_seasons = 2
num_episodes = 23
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executive_producers = Anne Low, Ng Ping Ho
producer = Anne Low
asst_producer = Wai Yok Lan
editor = MS Prem Nath, Amy Lim, Kiang Hon Yeat
location = Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley
camera = John Goh, Eddie Tham Wai Wing, Boh Lee, Michael Chan Way Kin
runtime = 60 minutes
network = ntv7
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first_aired = 24 June, 2007
last_aired = present
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imdb_id = 1095326
tv_com_id = 74657

"The Firm" is Malaysia's first corporate reality television programme produced by Popiah Pictures and ntv7. Hosted by Peter Pek and Chan Boon Yong, the show is directed by award-winning director Ng Ping Ho of "Kopitiam" fame. In "The Firm", a group of professionals compete in an elimination-style competition to find the next corporate high-flyer.

The show attempts to separate the weak from the strong, the under-achievers from the over-achievers and the followers from the leaders. Each week, candidates compete in a series of tasks dealing with different disciplines in business that is imperative to the success of a corporate high-flier. Amongst others, these include branding, promotions, positioning and catering to target markets. The catch phrase used in the show is "You're terminated". The show premièred prime time on ntv7 and Astro channel 7 on June 24, 2007.

Although the show initially drew comparisons to Mark Burnett’s "The Apprentice", it became quite apparent that it is quite different in that there are two corporate leaders who lead each team and decide who gets eliminated when their team fails to win a challenge. In addition, in episode 7, both corporate leaders leave their jobs as mentors to the teams and a new CEO enters the picture.

"The Firm" has reached its second season, which premièred on ntv7 and Astro 107 on August 2, 2008.


The Firm has two corporate leaders, and a CEO, who all judge the candidates at different stages:

*Peter Pek - renowned brand guru, writer, columnist, editor, publisher, designer, creative director, public speaker, and head of Malaysia's largest branding agency, Brand Mercatus.
*Chan Boon Yong - entrepreneur and founder of The Carat Club, a diamond retailer.
*Tengku Zafrul Aziz - CEO of Tune Money.


eason 1

Season one of "the Firm" premiered on Malaysian television on June 24, 2007, featuring ten aspiring entrepreneurs divided into two teams, Dynamic and Momentum, led by Pek and Chan respectively, vying for a top position in "the Firm", which turned out to be a job offer in Tune Money, among other prizes. Tengku Zafrul's identity remained undisclosed for the earlier half of the season until the remaining contestants merge in the run-up to the finale. The grand prize fell in the hands of Joel Neoh, who is now known for pioneering "youth entrepreneurship".

eason 2

Season two premiered on August 2, 2008, in which fourteen aspiring entrepreneurs vie for the position of Assistant CEO in "the Firm", again divided into two teams - Equity and Asset, led by Pek and Chan respectively.


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