Snowball (disambiguation)

Snowball (disambiguation)

Snowball may refer to:

* Snowball, a ball of snow usually made by compacting snow with the hands
* Snowball programming language, computing
* Snowball, Ontario, a community in the province of Ontario, Canada
* Snowball (Hurricane Katrina dog), the small white dog made famous by press coverage of the evacuation of the New Orleans Superdome in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005
* Snowball sampling, a social research sampling method
* Snowball, a text adventure in the Silicon Dreams trilogy by Level 9 Computing, released in 1983
* Snowball Derby, an auto race held every December in Pensacola, Florida
* Snowball Earth, an epoch in which nearly the entire planet was glaciated
* Snowball effect, a situation, event or the like is said to snowball if it continually grows in intensity or magnitude
* Snowball (Cockatoo), a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo made famous by his ability to dance to music
* Snowball (swing dance), a variation on a dance in the style of swing
* Snowball (school dance), a regional U.S. term for a type of school dance where females invite males
* Snowball tree (Viburnum opulus)


* Jabez Bunting Snowball, former member of the Canadian parliament.

* The Snowball Effect, a British-Girl-Band.

Food and drink

* Snowball, a type of cocktail, briefly fashionable in the 1970s, made of about one part of Advocaat and eight parts of lemonade, usually served with ice and a slice of lemon
* Snowball (Cake), a type of confection consisting of a mound of semi-solid marshmallow-like substance, on a shortbread base and all covered in chocolate and coconut shavings.
* Snowball, a dessert treat of shaved ice and sugar syrup commonly enjoyed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Snowballs differ from snow cones in that the ice is more finely shaved, never crushed. (See Hansen's Sno-Bliz.)


* Snowball (film), a 1960 film.
* Snowball (Animal Farm), a character in George Orwell's political satire "Animal Farm"
* Snowball (The Simpsons), a cat character in "The Simpsons"
* Snowball, a gene-spliced intelligent hamster who is a recurring character in "Pinky and the Brain"
* Private Snowball, a nickname given to an African-American recruit in the film "Full Metal Jacket"
* Snowball, the nickname of the character Willam Black from Kevin Smith's film "Clerks" and "Mallrats" films.


* Snowball, another name for Speedball (drug)
* Snowball, a cocaine party
* Snowballing (sexual practice), the act of spitting semen into a partner's mouth after oral sex

ee also

* Snowballing, disambiguation

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