European Greens–European Free Alliance

European Greens–European Free Alliance

Infobox European Parliament group
name = European Greens - European Free Alliance
title=European Greens - European Free Alliance

imagecaption = EG-EFA logo
englishabbr = EG-EFA
frenchabbr = V-ALE
formalname =
europarties =European Green Party
European Free Alliance
ideology = Green Politics
chairs = Monica Frassoni MEP and Daniel Cohn-Bendit MEP
meps = 43 (3 May 2008)
website =
The European Greensndash European Free Alliance (The Greensndash European Free Alliance; Greensndash EFA; French: "Le Groupe Vertsndash Alliance libre européenne"; "Les Vertsndash ALE", German "Fraktion der Grünenndash Freie Europäische Allianz") is one of the parliamentary groups in the European Parliament.

This group consists of two distinct European political parties - the European Green Party and the European Free Alliance (EFA). The EFA consists of parties representing stateless nations. These parties are civic nationalists and regionalists, broadly of the centre and centre-left.Fact|date=May 2007

Before February 2004, the European Greens existed as a coalition known as the European Federation of Green Parties rather than a formal political party. Thus, the group was then known as the EFGP-EFA.

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