Naning is an area in modern day Malacca, Malaysia and was founded in 1641. Naning was previously part of Negeri Sembilan but it was later annexed by the British into Malacca in 1832 via the Naning War. Malacca at that time was a British holding.

The Naning War started in 1831 and lasted around two years until 1833. The Penghulu of Naning then, Dol Said was enraged over British claim over Naning as part of Malacca. The British demanded that Naning pay 10% of its produce as tribute to Malacca. Dol Said, of course, refused resulting in a British attack upon Naning in 1831. Dol Said managed to fend off the attack with help from his allies.

Towards the end of 1832, the British attacked Naning once again with a much larger force. Dol Said did not have the help of his allies this time. His army was defeated and he surrendered. He was offered a pension and a house in Malacca.Besides, British also deficit 100,000 pound sterling

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