James Stewart, Duke of Ross

James Stewart, Duke of Ross

James Stewart, Duke of Ross (March 1476 - January 1504) was the son of King James III of Scotland and Margaret of Denmark. He was made Marquess of Ormonde at his baptism, Earl of Ross in 1481, and Duke of Ross in 1488.

Stewart became Archbishop of St. Andrews in 1497 and Lord Chancellor of Scotland in 1502.

Stewart had two brothers, King James IV of Scotland and John Stewart, Earl of Mar. It may seem surprising that there were two brothers both called James. It has been suggested that at the time the younger was born the older was seriously ill and seemed unlikely to survive, but it is unclear whether there is any evidence for this hypothesis. In late mediaeval Scotland it was not uncommon to have two brothers with the same Christian name, or occasionally even three. (Source: Black "The Surnames of Scotland")


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1= 1. James Stewart, Duke of Ross
2= 2. James III of Scotland
3= 3. Margaret of Denmark
4= 4. James II of Scotland
5= 5. Mary of Guelders
6= 6. Christian I of Denmark
7= 7. Dorothea of Brandenburg
8= 8. James I of Scotland
9= 9. Joan Beaufort
10= 10. Arnold, Duke of Gelderland
11= 11. Catherine of Cleves
12= 12. Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg
13= 13. Helvig of Schauenburg
14= 14. John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
15= 15. Barbara of Saxe-Wittenberg
16= 16. Robert III of Scotland
17= 17. Anabella Drummond
18= 18. John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset
19= 19. Margaret Holland
20= 20. John II of Egmond
21= 21. Maria van Arkel
22= 22. Adolph I, Duke of Cleves
23= 23. Mary of Burgundy
24= 24. Christian V, Count of Oldenburg
25= 25. Agnes of Honstein
26= 26. Gerhard IV of Holstein
27= 27. Elisabeth of Brunswick
28= 28. Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg
29= 29. Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut
30= 30. Rudolf III, Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg
31= 31. Barbara of Schlesien-Liegnitz

###@@@KEY@@@###succession box
before=William Scheves
title=Archbishop of St. Andrews
after=Alexander Stewart
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title=Commendator of Dunfermline| years=1500–1504
before=George Crichton
after=James Beaton * *His "immediate" successor may have been Gilbert Strachan.
succession box|title=Chancellor of the University of St Andrews
before=William Scheves Archbishop of St Andrews
after=Alexander Stewart Archbishop of St Andrews
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before=2nd Earl of Huntly
title=Lord Chancellor of Scotland
after=in 1510 Alexander Stewart


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