Star Trek (role-playing game)

Star Trek (role-playing game)

A Star Trek RPG or Star Trek Role-Playing Game is a role-playing game that is set in the "Star Trek" fictional universe.

Specific "Star Trek" role-playing games include:

* The FASA "Star Trek RPG" (1982)
* The "Prime Directive RPG" edited by Task Force Games (1993)
** The "GURPS"-based edition of "Prime Directive" edited by Amarillo Design Bureau (2002)
* [ "Star Trek: A Call To Duty"] , online text based game formerly endorsed by Paramount Pictures, advertised on the Star Trek website from 1997 until 1999. []
* The Last Unicorn "Star Trek RPG" (1998)
* The Decipher "Star Trek RPG" (2002)
* Star Trek Simulation Forum - Founded in July 2002. It has served as the chat based role-playing game of the official "Star Trek" website since October 2002.
* The "Star Trek Online" MMOG (still in the making)
* Any one of many online text-based role-playing games (more commonly referred to as "Star Trek" Simming)

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* "Star Trek" games

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