Battle of Mimasetoge

Battle of Mimasetoge

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Mimasetoge
partof=the Sengoku period

place=Mimase Pass, Sagami Province
result=Successful Takeda withdrawal, Takeda victory
combatant1=Takeda forces
combatant2=Hōjō forces
commander1=Takeda Shingen, Baba Nobuharu, Yamagata Masakage
commander2=Hōjō Ujiteru, Hōjō Ujikuni
casualties1=900 dead
casualties2=3200 dead

The battle of Mimasetoge took place in 1569, as the forces of Takeda Shingen withdrew from repeated failed sieges of the Hōjō clan's Odawara Castle in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. The Hōjō forces, led by the brothers Ujiteru and Ujikuni, laid in wait for him in the pass of Mimase. The Takeda vanguard, which included Baba Nobuharu, was hard-pressed; Shingen himself led up the Takeda main body. The battle turned in favor of the Takeda when Yamagata Masakage launched a furious counterattack, inflicting heavy casualties on the Hôjô. The Hôjô were defeated and forced to retreat north, allowing the Takeda to return to Kai - though leaving behind some 900 dead.


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