Mam or MAM may refer to:

  • Mam language, a Mayan language spoken in Guatemala
  • Mam people, an indigenous Maya people in Guatemala
  • Mam (Maya mythology), a reverential term for certain aged Maya deities.
  • Mam, Azerbaijan, a village
  • Mam Movies, a social outreach platform for Independent Filmmakers, based in Mumbai
  • Mam Jokmok, Thai comedian
  • "Mother", colloquially (sometimes) in several English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and is also the word for mother in Welsh.
  • Isle of Mam, a phantom island
  • Monoacetylmorphine, or MAM; one of two metabolites of heroin (either 3-MAM or 6-MAM) & an active opioid narcotic by itself

MAM (three-letter acronym)

See also

  • Ma'am

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