Concentration (disambiguation)

Concentration (disambiguation)

Concentration can refer to:


Science, engineering, and technology

  • Concentration, in chemistry, the measure of how much of a given substance there is mixed with another substance
  • Number density in physics, chemistry, and astronomy
  • Ore concentrate, in extractive metallurgy, the product of benefaction with a higher grade than the feed.
  • Mass concentration (astronomy), a region of a planet or moon's crust that is denser than average


  • Attentional Control, the cognitive process of controlling the focus of attention
  • Samadhi (Buddhism), mental concentration in Buddhism


  • Market concentration, in economics, the number and production share of firms in a market (or industry)
  • Concentration ratio, in economics, a measure of market concentration.
  • concentration in solid material such as how much sugar and salt is dissolved in liquid.



Other uses

  • Concentration camp, a detention center created for specific groups of people, usually during wartime
  • A term used at Brown University, Colgate University, Columbia University, Harvard College, and Saint Olaf College to refer to a type of academic major
  • Force concentration, and concentrate, in military tactics, the practice of concentrating military units

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