Haakon V of Norway

Haakon V of Norway

Infobox Norwegian Royalty|monarch
name=Håkon V Magnusson
title= King of Norway

caption =The Great Seal of Håkon V with the Coat of arms of Norway
reign= 1299 - 1319
predecessor = Eric II
successor = Magnus VII
spouse = Eufemia of Rügen
royal house= Fairhair
father= Magnus VI the Lawmender
mother= Ingeborg of Denmark
issue= Ingeborg, Duchess of Halland
Agnes Hakonardottir ("illegitimate")
date of birth= 1268
place of birth=
date of death= 1319
place of death=
place of burial= St. Mary's church, Oslo, later reinterred at Akershus Fortress

Haakon V Magnusson (1270 - May 8, 1319) was king of Norway from 1299 until 1319. He was married to Eufemia of Rügen, and father to Ingeborg Håkonsdotter who married duke Eric Magnusson of Sweden. He is considered to be the last Norwegian king in the Fairhair dynasty.

He was the younger surviving son of Magnus the Lawmender, King of Norway, and his wife Ingeborg of Denmark. He succeeded when his older brother king Eirik died heirless.

Through his mother (who was daughter of Jutta of Saxony, herself a descendant of Ulvhild of Norway, duchess of Saxony), Haakon descended from king Saint Olav.

During his reign he revived his brother's war policy against Denmark, but in 1309 he finally concluded a peace that in general was the end of Dano-Norwegian wars. In domestic matters he energetically and successfully tried to limit the power of the magnates and to strengthen the king's power.

Haakon was succeeded by his daughter's son, the infant Swedish prince Magnus. Haakon was buried in St. Mary's church in Oslo. Remains of two people, deemed to be Haakon and Eufemia, were discovered during excavations of the ruins of that church and reinterred at Akershus Fortress.


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